More disturbing storms with snow, ice and rain in the Midwest and Northeast next week

By Alex Sosnowski, Senior Meteorologist AccuWeather
February 16, 2019, 05:33:55 EST

Two snow, ice and rain storms will affect many areas of the Midwest to the northeastern United States until next week.

The storms will produce enough winter precipitation to create slippery roads, increase the need for aircraft de-icing and trigger school delays and cancellations.

Either or both of the two aligned storms will touch the major airport hubs of Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Washington, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

AP Deice Jan 2017

As snow falls, workers defrost the wing of a Delta aircraft after de-icing the Spirit aircraft in the background on the tarmac of Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Baltimore. , Md., Saturday, January 7, 2017. (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

Long-distance travel between Highways 70, 80, 81, 87, 90 and 95 will be affected.

One storm will come from the northwestern United States and the other from the Gulf of Mexico.

First storm somewhat disorganized, but annoying for travel

The first storm will be somewhat damp and may have precipitation gaps in areas from the Midwest to the Northeast.

snow spread 2h16

Accumulations with this event extending from the end of Saturday to the beginning of Monday usually range from a coating to a few centimeters.

Snow is expected to occur from Montana south of Iowa and north of Missouri until Saturday evening. A batch of ice or winter mix is ​​in storage in parts of southern Missouri and southeastern Kansas.

On Sunday, snow and snow showers will extend eastward into most of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, as well as into the south. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. A frozen or winter mix will likely be concentrated near the Ohio River.

On Sunday night, snow is expected to enter parts of Pennsylvania, New York State, New Jersey and New England. Several inches of snow can accumulate in parts of the state of New York and New England during this period.

Snow map 2h16

A winter mix could spread to parts of West Virginia, northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey to close the weekend.

During the morning of Monday, the snow will go out on the State of New York and New England.

Second storm bringing patches of heavy snow, ice and rain

The big storm of the group will move Tuesday north-east from the Gulf Coast. She will follow Wednesday or just west of the Appalachians, then leave the northeastern states on Thursday.

Since the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean will have a large amount of moisture, significant rainfall is likely.

Storm from Tuesday to Thursday

Heavy rains are likely to fall on parts of the lower Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio valleys, on the southern Appalachians and on the lower Atlantic. Enough rain may fall to cause flood problems.

However, as the storm gradually encounters colder air in the north, areas of ice, winter mixes and snow are in reserve.

The storm and its humidity, similar to that of early last week, will end up in an arctic air dome over New England. The high pressure associated with this Arctic air will create some resistance and keep certain areas below freezing point until the last blast of the storm.

At present, one of the areas likely to cope with heavy ice accumulation can extend from eastern West Virginia to northwestern Virginia, to west and central Maryland and parts of central and southern Pennsylvania.

The shape of ice is essential to the potential for widespread power cuts and felled trees. Silt would tend to bounce off these high surfaces while freezing rain would adhere to it.


Snow, ice and rain cross the Ohio Valley in the center of the Atlantic shoreline until Saturday.

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A layer of snow will likely extend from northwestern Texas to northern Illinois, Wisconsin, northern Michigan, northern New York State and northern New York State. -England.

The winter zone with snow, rain, and some ice can encompass a vast area from north-central Texas to central Illinois, northern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York State , north of New Jersey and south of New England.

At present, it is likely that a portion of the I-95 connecting Washington DC to Boston will get enough snow to shovel and plow, but not the entire area. The advance of the line of rain, ice and snow to the north is likely to stop in the Midwest and Northeast and to penetrate to the lands, to the center of the Atlantic and to New -England.

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