Morning report: Tito Ortiz reacts to the trilogy with Chuck Liddell: "He called me"


Over the weekend, Tito Ortiz finally took his revenge by eliminating Chuck Liddell in the first round of their trilogy, promoted by Oscar De La Hoya's MMA Golden Boy. But if the moment was perhaps justified for Ortiz, for many others, the show was one of the worst that the fight could offer.

Liddell – eight years away from the fights and more than a decade from his last victory – looked like a shell of himself when he folded into the cage. The 48-year-old fighter, who had announced his return to competition after his fight against Ortiz, was barely recognizable, as the man who once dominated the 205-pound division and "The Iceman" was quickly shot down, knocked out for the fourth time in his last four fights. As a result of this, many considered the event and the debacle totally useless. Except, of course, "The Bad Boy of Huntington Beach."

After posting on Instagram on Monday, Ortiz mentioned his third fight against Liddell, claiming he had "redeemed" his previous losses and responding to fans who regretted that the fight had taken place in the first place.

"I had time to think about this battle verse, Chuck Liddell. How did it happen? It's something Chuck wanted. I was going to do my business well. He called me. Yes, I agree to help get there with Golden Boy Boxing. I took this fight very seriously, so I put an 18-week camp. 3x per day, 6 days a week. I have sacrificed everything. I was ready to risk my life. A year ago, I had three replacement discs in the neck and 7 other major surgeries since 2009, but I was always ready to try my luck against someone who did not. had beaten twice before. He did not leave me in me. I made mistakes and I learned some lessons. It's life! I want to fail to learn to improve. I have lived my life with ups and downs but at the end of the day I continue to learn. I wish more people.

"Having everyone say why you're still fighting Chuck, he's beaten twice?" 1. He called me 2. I always wanted redemption. 3. I am here to prove that my fans were right and that the enemies were wrong. 4. An opportunity to create a new organization that will support the fighters as they should be. I've shown the world what hard work and dedication can do for you. I have never been so nervous before a fight like this but I knew I was ready. The mind games that Chuck played on made me work harder. So thanks, Chuck. I was in a losing-lose situation but I was willing to play with my health. Chuck said that he was ready, I knew that I was ready, that the best fighter wins. In this case, it was me. "(Edited for clarity by MMAFighting).

Liddell and Ortiz have a long history together. Training partners, Liddell and Ortiz were two of the biggest names in the early years of the UFC Zuffa era. But while Ortiz was the light heavyweight champion, Liddell climbed the rankings in search of a title, which Ortiz denied. This led to some fallout and a public quarrel between Ortiz and the UFC. Finally, after Ortiz lost the title to Randy Couture, the two men finally faced each other in a number one duel, with Liddell having stopped Ortiz in the second round. They clashed two years later with a similar result, but the animosity never faded. Now, Ortiz is ready to leave MMA behind for good, and even had some compliments for Liddell.

"I have to thank all my fans, my friends and my family who supported me in this fight. I could not have done it without you! I respect Chuck for stepping up and following the fight. You are a champion and Hall of Fame legend who brought me the best! Sorry for all your fans, I was on a mission. "

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