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Morse code helps prove Google is stealing content from Genius.com

Google's search engine is the gateway to the Internet for a considerable number of people around the world. Open your browser, enter a search query and start your journey to find information about the huge infrastructure known as the Internet.

As a result, Google has considerable power over what users see and how. A few years ago, Google began to complete the search results with 'information panels', as it is called, and these panels use the words of Genius.com without compensation.

But for Genius, they needed a way to prove that the lyrics came from their site and not from another source and they surprised Google raising the content using Morse code. According to WSJ, Genius changed the way apostrophes were used in lyrics, from right to curly, in lyrics, and converted into dots and dashes, the code states "Red Handed".

When the apostrophe pattern appeared in Google's search results, it became apparent that the content was directly extracted from Genius and not from another source.

For Genius, it is not certain that they have a case against Google, the company granting a license for the lyrics of the labels and not owning them. But they own the website that Google raises unallocated content, which is used to further Google's goal of improving its search results while allowing additional ads to run to the detriment of Genius.com.

Of course, Genius' complaint also carries a bit of irony. The company began operations by stealing lyrics from other sites and only began licensing after being subjected to legal pressure.

Given that Google may be facing a new antitrust investigation in the United States, this is additional evidence that the company is potentially abusing its position in the market. And as Google.com's power and control over Internet content becomes more and more clear, another element of negative publicity right now is not a good thing for Alphabet Inc.

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