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Motorola confirms foldable phone arrives

Dery said carefully on this point, saying that if Motorola was working on a laptop, the company "would not" aim to place the screen outside. When you know the problems you will encounter, you will quickly have something wrong. usable. "It should come as no surprise that this fits perfectly with the images found in the company's recent patent application.

This foldable hull is only a track of interest for Motorola. Dery confirmed that Motorola was also exploring the possibility of a double-hinge device, with a single screen that folds twice, leaving only one-third of the screen exposed in phone mode.

To be fair, Motorola is not the only company to pursue this double folding concept, according to Dery, which he termed "holy grail" of the foldable design. "Some Chinese sellers" are also actively exploring the concept, including "two very famous" companies that "do not necessarily make much noise at MWC". (Motorola did not want to confirm the identity of these companies and declined to specify.) With regard to Dery, this type of z-shaped design is simply not practical for the Motorola's first foldable phone; there are too many technical obstacles to overcome for the moment.

"We are looking at that too," he said. "But definitely it will not be our first shot."

That said, Motorola seems to be considering the z-hinge approach seriously enough to have thought about the issues that might arise. The interest of a double foldable hinge would be to take a large screen and make it as compact as possible, and this would typically suggest a tablet that can be folded into a phone. Dery mentioned twice in our conversation that Motorola does not manufacture tablets. which falls to the parent company of Moto, Lenovo. However, he said that if design issues related to the Z-hinge could be solved, it would be "interesting to see a small screen" that could be folded into something very small.

It remains to be seen if Motorola will actually provide one of these double hinged phones. Dery conceded that the company had explored many potential products over the years, some of which had been entirely rejected. Nevertheless, with Motorola's growing interest in collapsible products, it's easy to see how the brand could gain new fans and revive old ones.

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