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Motorola confirms that its foldable phone arrives and that it could look like a RAZR

Following reports that Motorola would also fall into the category of folding smartphones, the company confirmed today in an interview with Engadget that he is working on a folding device that would launch "[no] later than everyone else on the market. "

The Motorola calendar will be set later this year, with Galaxy launching its Galaxy Fold in April and Huawei's Mate X in mid-2019. Motorola usually hosts an annual smartphone launch event around August. Last year, she announced her Moto Z3 compatible 5G with the 5G Moto Mod. So we'll probably have a glimpse of Motorola's vision on foldable screens this summer.

the Engadget The interview also confirmed that the design would not include a screen on the outside of the device, as we have already seen with the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. A recent patent filing illustrates this folding mechanism horizontally, like the Motorola RAZR phone.

"We tested a plastic-coated OLED device with plastic film," Motorola's Dan Dery, vice president of Global Product, told Dan Dery. Engadget. "The fact that you touch [that kind of display] with your nails is scratching. Life is short right away, it begins to die the day you unpack it.

Dery also notes that Motorola is exploring different takes on a foldable screen, including a singular screen that can fold twice. The goal is to minimize potential defects related to scratches. "When you know the thorny issues you will face, you will very quickly get something unusable," he said.

If the RAZR were to make a comeback, or if Motorola could find a way to reduce the size of smartphones, it would target many different demographic groups: those who are willing to invest in folding screens, those who miss the phone nostalgia RAZR, and those who have long wished that smartphones fit better into smaller pockets (myself and a million other women, including.) Resuscitation of old phones is also a popular strategy nowadays; Last year, Nokia, a company owned by HMD, republished the updates of Nokia 3310 and 8110 with a lot of fanfare, although they were mainly advertised as novelty products compared to feature phones.

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