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Motorola says the company is working on a foldable phone

According to an interview with a company executive, Motorola is working on foldable phones, which do not intend to launch it later than their competitors. It's unclear whether this means later this year or next year, but all the rumors around the company's collapsible projects now seem a little more plausible.

"We have been working on foldable media for a long time," said Motorola's Global Product Vice President, Dery. Engadget in an interview. "And we did a lot of iterations."

A the Wall Street newspaper report earlier this year alleged that Motorola was working on a foldable phone that would reuse the famous Razr name and sell it for $ 1,500 (about £ 1,170, AU $ 2,010). The report gave a lot of very particular details, such as the exclusivity of Verizon and the United States, although he claimed that the phone would be ready at least in February, which did not go unnoticed. not yet taken place.

Dery has not directly confirmed or denied the details of this report, nor in any way mentioned the name of Razr. Instead, he made somewhat vague comments that nonetheless suggest that deliberate design choices merge into a collapsible Motorola phone that we could possibly get.

Two screens or three?

Dery seemed to qualify a lot of his statements in the assumption – if Motorola was working on a foldable folder, then The company does not intend to "put the screen outside," he told Engadget, citing all the scratches of a plastic screen facing outward.

Ergo, the company first focuses on a foldable device, with an inward-facing main screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, although we do not know how much the new foldable Motorola phone will become. The handset maker is also considering a double-hinged device that folds twice to form three separate "screen" surfaces, although this is apparently too technically complex for Motorola's first folding screen.

When will this happen exactly? Motorola has "no intention of coming later than everyone else on the market," Dery told Engadget. With the launch of the Galaxy Fold in April and the arrival of the Huawei Mate X in mid-2019, the market will begin to fill over the next few months.

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