Mountain Lion filmed crossing a California neighborhood – Trends and viral news




SACRAMENTO, Calif. (WTHR) – People are in a state of alert after catching a mountain lion filmed in a California neighborhood.

The owner has captured it on video and called the animal control. They managed to hit the animal with a dart of tranquilizer and take him out of the yard.

The neighbors say that they are surprised that the big cat is there in the first place.

"Just surreal," said resident Bill Garvey. "You do not expect to see a mountain lion in a suburban neighborhood."

Even though lion attacks are rare, they can happen.

It's only earlier this month that a Colorado hiker killed a mountain lion with his bare hands after the lion attacked him.

Travis Kauffman will be here on Tuesday morning and will explain how he survived and what you can do if you find yourself in the same situation.

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