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Movie critics have mixed reviews of the "Lion King"

Thursday, the embargo on the critique of the remake of the 1994 animated film, directed by Disney (photorealistic realism, if one wants to be honest) The Lion King finally up, and it's safe to say that the critics are … busy.

Comments for the new Lion King are mixed, with criticism ranging from celebration to scathing kidnappings. (The film officially opens on July 19).

For the moment, the film is 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that brings together film critics. Another website, Metacritic, has a score of 55, describing critics as "mixed or medium".

Adam B. Vary, a film reporter for BuzzFeed News, attended the movie premiere Tuesday in Los Angeles and commented on the project from an emotional point of view.

#TheLionKing is a historical * visual * experience. I have never seen anything like it and I think it will forever change the way we watch movies.

As an * emotional * experience, however … I'll say it this way: it turns out that lions can not really get emotional.

I had the chance to see the film at a packed press screening on Wednesday night and I can tell you that my colleague is right. The photorealistic faces of animals lose a lot of the emotion of the original. Some scenes were just not as powerful as in the 1994 film, including the death of Mufasa, who felt puny. The stoic expression on the face of the oldest lion as it sank until his death did not have the sad or traumatic effect that the director Jon Favreau could have had. Instead, I just felt indifferent.

That said, the film is a visual masterpiece and some characters, including Timon (Billy Eichner), Pumbaa (Seth Rogen), Zazu (John Oliver) and Nala (Beyoncé) were strong. At the screening I attended, Timon and Pumbaa absolutely stole the show with their jokes and lively jokes, some of which were improvised according to Eichner. The theater burst out laughing every time they were on screen.

But to a certain extent, this version of The Lion King rests on the laurels of his beloved predecessor because he adheres so closely to the original that some critics have called it a useless shot for a remake.

And it's nice. Some of the critics were VICIOUS.

David Ehrlich of IndieWire called the updated version of "soulless chimera of a movie [that] is little more than a technological demo glorified by a greedy conglomerate – a self-portrait well rendered but creatively bankrupt of a movie studio devouring its own tail. "

Some critics have described the film as a failure of the imagination, an attempt that has not been reinvented for 2019, especially compared to other recent remakes of Disney.

"But unlike what is happening this year Dumbo, which went beyond the limits of the 1941 film, or Aladdin, who saw an opportunity for the under-served Jasmine, the team behind The Lion King Matt Patches, editor at Vox's Polygon, said Matt Patches.

Some, like Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian, were more impartial, saying that it "was very faithful to the original version, and in this sense, it was obviously nice to watch and watch."

"But the simplicity and vividness of the original hand-drawn images have escaped me," he continued. "The circle of commercial life gave birth to this digiclone descendant almost indistinguishable."

Forbes' Scott Mendelson warned potential viewers to "prepare for an overwhelming disappointment".

And critics are not the only ones to participate in the action. People are already making jokes about the movie before it opens.

Why would anyone want the character, human touch and charm of 2D animation when you can look into the dark, dead eyes of a visually accurate warthog while it's there? sing a song telling you not to worry

When this short clip of Glover, Eichner and Rogen singing "Hakuna Matata" was released, Twitter users rushed.

@DiscussingFilm @JimmyKimmelLive: this video has less life, energy and flow than a dancing dance video

Despite the mixed reviews, the film will undoubtedly bring in a ton of money.

The first screenings cost the film $ 150 million for its opening weekend.

Do you want to check The Lion King when will he make his debut in theaters next week? Let us know in the comments.

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