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1. We were all concerned about Toy Story 4. How could we not be? This is perhaps the most popular animated franchise of the last 50 years and, in the eyes of many, each film was a little better than the last one. This last, Toy Story 3, ended so perfectly and so emotionally devastating that trying to follow her seemed to me to be the fool's ultimate business. And in nine years, Pixar, as a company, has changed: it has become more corporate, more suite-oriented, more … Disney. (Or, really, more Apple.) Could this Pixar be this Pixar yet? It's one thing to cough Cars after. When you play with Toy Storyyou better make sure everything is going well.

2. What a relief, then, that Toy Story 4 is an immense joy. He might not reach the heights of Toy Story 3-Who manages to be a prison escape movie that happens to be also a profound thesis on mourning and dying and has a surreal tortilla – but it's a worthy member of the Toy Story family. The general theme of Toy Story 4 death is not as serious as loss – loss of purpose, loss of meaning, loss of value. What do you do with yourself when the best thing you'll be part of is already over? How do you find the motivation in life when your life goal has been achieved? How do you manage aging and no longer needing you? If these seem like heady concepts for a Toy Story movie … you've never seen a Toy Story movie.

3. While the last two Toy Story the films focused on the toys as a whole, this one focusing mainly on our Woody hero, expressed as always by Tom Hanks in what has always been one of his best roles. (The rest of the band has their own moments, but all in all, they just come here.) The movie starts right after the events of the last movie, with Bonnie, the new child of toys, about leaving for her first day of kindergarten. She's less in love with Woody than Andy – the first time we see her, she takes off her sheriff badge and takes it to Joan Cusack's Jessie, then leaves Woody in the closet – and Woody feels the need to prove his worth . He does this by sneaking into his backpack to go to school, where he discovers Forky (a fantastic Tony Hale), something that Bonnie has created by sticking junk on a spork but that somehow gains in sensitivity. Forky does not want to be a toy (he is convinced he belongs to the trash), so he continues to run away, and Woody takes it on. This eventually leads the whole gang to a carnival, where they meet a sad lost doll named Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendricks), two literally related stuffed animals (Key & Peele, together again), a Canadian hunk named Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves) and especially, her old flame, Bo Peep (Annie Potts), who has learned to survive alone in her years, since she became a lost toy.

4. The first thing to note about Toy Story 4 Is that right? extremely funny: I would say it's the most consistent comedy in the series. Key & Peele and Keanu delight the crowd – the film even gives Duke a "whoa" whose timing is perfect – but the creation of Forky is a master stroke, a creature that is not even sure. Why it is a creature that keeps reacting to the world with confusion and fear. But it's first and foremost the story of Woody and how he learns, throughout the film, that his best days are behind him … and why it's good. It is legitimate to transform the hero of a longstanding franchise into a person who slowly realizes that the best thing for him is to collapse in the background of his own life, to focus on what makes him happy in his new phase of his life. life, and he's following the progression of this series. Woody has gone from child to parent to grandparent: although he wants to stay constant and never change, the world has different plans for him and for all of us. As always, Hanks as Woody keeps us on the ground: they are forever impossible to fight.

5 Toy Story 4 do not go beyond the previous movie, and he never really tries to do it. Like his protagonist, he is less anxious to try to do something revolutionary just because he did it in the past, but rather to worry about what will follow … the next logical progression. He finds the next step, for Woody and the franchise, while remaining as fun and entertaining as you want, from this franchise. On this subject, I was terrified to see them play with the legacy of this series. But this frankness is so generous and so precious to those who work in it that I should not have doubted it. This one more than justifies its existence. I'm ready for four more.

Quality: A-

Director: Josh Cooley
Writer: Stephany Folsum, Andrew Stanton
Featured: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Tony Hale, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Keegan Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Annie Potts and Joan Cusack
Release date: June 21, 2019

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