MPD offers "carnival badges" to help parents find their lost children during Mardi Gras


by Muriel Bailey and Alyssa Newton

The mobile police service adds another precaution to help parents breathe better on this mardi gras.

The department provides "MyMPD carnival badges" as part of a safety plan designed to help parents find lost children during Mardi Gras.

The ID card is attached to a cord that can be placed around the child's neck. On the back of the card, parents must enter the child's name, address and at least two family members, as well as their phone numbers.

Parents are encouraged, before parades and other activities, to talk to their child about safety. They should be told that if they are separated from their parents, the child should be asked to go to the nearest police officer. The police will then try to contact the parents.

Until the children find their parents, they will be taken to the mini-central events district located at 320 Dauphin Street.

Badges are free and can be picked up at police headquarters and in any neighborhood.

Mobile Police Department Headquarters

2460 Government Blvd.

First City

850 Virginia Street

Second City

5441 Highway 90

Third sector

2165 St. Stephens Road

Fourth City

8080 Airport Blvd.

Central Mini Cité Event

320 Dauphin Street

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