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MTA increases the price of weekly and monthly MetroCards

The MTA voted Wednesday to increase the price of the weekly and monthly MetroCards cards, while removing bonuses on the one-way payment cards, while one of its board members overturned the decision, claiming that straphangers are the ones who get fooled.

Board members decided to maintain the base fare at $ 2.75, but to eliminate the MetroCard's pay-per-view bonus, which gave bikers a 5% advantage when a A minimum of $ 5.50 was added to a card.

MetroCards 'weekly unlimited fare will increase by 3% from $ 32 to $ 33, while MetroCards' 30-day unlimited fare will increase by 5% from $ 121 to $ 127.

"We are doing our best to make the MTA as effective as possible," Acting MTA President Fernando Ferrer said at the board meeting.

Before the vote, board member Andrew Saul explained why he was voting against the plan by stating, "Runners are being fooled.

"It's a bloated bureaucracy," Saul said. "This thing is full of rubbish … I think it's an absolute mistake to put it on runners."

Meanwhile, council members also voted to raise toll rates on MTA bridges and tunnels.

The new amendments are expected to come into effect in April.

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