"Much more bizarre than expected" – Captain Marvel's first reactions are in

It's almost the last stop on the Captain Marvel taster train: it's true, Captain Marvel's first reactions to the world are there for the lucky ones who saw Carol Danvers' MCU debut a few weeks before their general release.

It's March 8 for the rest of the world, but you can take a quick look behind the curtain, as a dozen of them chose Twitter to reveal excerpts of what they thought of the adventure cosmic Brie Larson. Are you ready? Soft spoilers for Captain Marvel follow …

What is the general reaction?

You can breathe easily. Of course, the first reactions will surely be a little more positive than those of the general public, but it is always reassuring to learn that Marvel managed to hold what could have been a difficult landing. The 90's setting works; Brie Larson is great, and even comic book lovers have everything to gain – the future is bright.

Some surprises

Although there is obviously no intrigue in the details (unless you want Marvel to pick you up), things are not going to seem to be happening as far as we expect from a previous movie . The surprises are many! Something that may not be a surprise? Goose the cat has a lot of fans.

Here is a comparison of The Last Jedi – wait, come back!

One of the most nuanced reactions comes from Mike Ryan of Uproxx. Not only does it imply that the trailers are a little misleading because things are more cosmic than we would have imagined, we could also head to the Star Wars territory: the last Jedi when it's over. It's about tripping scenes.

A bad guy to watch

Ben Mendelsohn has a track record of brilliant villains. From Ready Player One to Star Wars: Rogue One and beyond, it seems ready to be someone you love to hate in any blockbuster. Here he plays shouting Skrull Talos, and he receives rave reviews.

Goodbye Stan

Light spoilers here, but the film begins with a tribute to Stan Lee. Captain Marvel is the first MCU movie since Stan's death. So it seems normal to open the discussion with himself.

The last word

Hello Thanos Bye, Thanos.

Captain Marvel could very well launch a series of fantastic new Marvel moviesSo why not check what's in store?

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