My Nice Guy Approaching a Red Dead Redemption 2 Train Flight Was Very Badly Past

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I play mostly like a good guy in Red Dead Redemption 2, or at least as much as the game allows me. It's more a coward than a moral choice. Premiums and lawyers are stressing me. Nevertheless, I recently decided to steal one of the trains from the game. It did not go well.

I wanted to fly a train without causing a lot of heckling. This premise may have been wrong, but it remained true to my way of playing the game and controlling his cowboy character, Arthur Morgan. To do this, I would rob a train in a way that would have very little repulsion against the law. Maybe I could do it without a fight.

I have studied Red DeadThe map is the perfect place to start my flight. The game had said that stealing a train nearby or crossing a city could make more witnesses, which would mean more of my dreaded lawmen. After careful consideration, I took a fork not far from Flatneck Station, where the tracks separated in the direction of Valentine or Rhodes. The train ride between Flatneck and Rhodes would provide a long distance between cities, which would give me plenty of time to fly the train and take off before anyone can see.

I drove my horse to the fork, I changed my outfit and I did not see the black set in which I was seen, but I covered my mouth with a bandanna and I installed to wait. I was excited. While my good game kept me on the right side of the law, which helped me avoid bonuses and accumulate more money to lose in games of chance, it was fun to try briefly to be an outlaw. I was proud of my choice of place and eager to see how a crime without a scenario would be played. I drank food and snake oil to fill all my counters. I imagined how sneaky I would be on the train and how happy the camp people would be to find my wealth.

I waited. No train. The sun has moved into the sky. My horse cried. I waited a little longer.

I waited about 30 minutes of real life for the train to pass. My anticipation has given way to boredom.

Eventually, I heard a hissing on the horizon. I rolled my horse, ready to leave. It was a train in which I was jumping full of passengers, which I would fly before arriving in Rhodes!

But I did not jump on it. The train took the direction of Valentine rather than Rhodes. Another train followed quickly, in the wrong direction as well. I was considering following him, but I did not want to ruin my plan.

Finally, when the sun went down, a third train appeared. He chose the right track and headed for Rhodes. I cheered and sued.

Even if I had already walked these tracks while walking on the map, I forgot that several parts of these consisted of bridges spanning ravines and cliffs. I ran along the train, and then I quickly fell into a ditch. The train smoked out of sight as my horse and I straightened up.

I have reloaded my previous backup, made well before the appearance of the first trains. I returned to my place of waiting and settled in the place of the good train.

This time, I managed not to fall off the railroad and jump up the train while the people inside shouted at me. However, I had never stolen a train except as part of a scenario mission. I did not know what to do next.

A message appeared on the screen telling me that I could control the train if I went out the mechanic. I jumped awkwardly from roof to roof. The train had to have guards because the law was shooting at me as I headed forward. We exchanged fire. I killed the engineer with my gun and I put myself in the driver's seat. Guests seemed to ring, whistle and change gears. Progress!

I then realized that I still did not know what to do and that I was now on the train.

I went through Rhodes trying to decide what to do, calling even more lawyers. I wondered how long I could drive the train on the map, which seemed rather amusing. Maybe Arthur could become a conductor or just go around in circles. But I had the intention of living a criminal life and not getting a steady job. I had to steal this train.

Eventually, I decided to stop and take what I could. I snuck my way into the cars, looking for valuables. By the time I got to the second car, I was in a shootout with guards and lawyers. I may have shot a few panicked passengers when I tried to steal them. I looted what I could and jumped off the train. As I ran towards the woods, my mini-map was flooded with red, indicating the continuation of the law. I did not know where my horse was. I hid and dodged through the trees as my premium soared and more lawmen came closer.

It was not the elegant holdup that I hoped for. I could do better. I restarted.

This I jumped to the back of the train and carefully pulled out the guard parked there. I moved from car to car, rummaging through cartons and drawers, blocking everything in Arthur's path, making sure to call my horse to keep galloping next to the moving train. I shot and looted passengers rather than bothering to jam them. The progress of the train kept the law at bay, but they also brought us closer and closer to Rhodes. I thought I would go to the front of the train and then jump, but when I arrived, we would go a little too fast to make a safe descent. I shot at the engineer and regained control by slowing the train enough so that it could come off with little damage. I jumped on my horse and jumped, delighted to see that my premium was only $ 25. In my panic, I had not managed to steal so much on the train, but it was not a loss.

I went to Rhodes post office and paid the fine to compensate me. Then I went to the saloon to spend my meager earnings on blackjack. If anyone was concerned about how Arthur was bloody, they did not mention it. After all that I had lived, it was perfect.

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