MySpace lost 12 years of music and photos, leaving a considerable gap in the history of social networks



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MySpace has confirmed that it has lost millions of songs, photos and videos uploaded to the site over the last ten years.
MySpace has confirmed that it has lost millions of songs, photos and videos uploaded to the site over the last ten years.

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We are in 2019 and MySpace is again worthy of interest. Unfortunately, it's for the worst reasons: a massive loss of data.

Sunday, the news about a long-standing data problem that raged on MySpace, a site that was once the main social network of the Internet. According to MySpace, millions of songs, photos and videos uploaded to the site prior to 2015 occurred during a data migration. No chance of recovery.

"As a result of a server migration project, it's possible that all the photos, videos, and audio files you downloaded more than three years ago are no longer available on or from MySpace," reads website. "We apologize for the inconvenience."

Since February 2018, users who are still visiting MySpace have been notified of the inability to play certain songs on the site's music player. However, at the time, users of MySpace support had told them that the problem "was being resolved." The social network was quiet until recently. to Jason Scott from the Internet Archive.

MySpace may be behind all the jokes on social media, but in an era before Facebook, from 2005 to 2008, it was de facto the social media website. In fact, MySpace was once there.

According to MySpace statistics, the site has already hosted 53 million songs covering 14.2 million artists. There were users, including artists and others.

Although some do not fear the removal of millions of the Internet's oldest influencers, it's certainly a huge loss. Years of audio and visuals detailing how people lived and interacted online have disappeared. Internet is an integral part of modern history and MySpace has been a major element. There is a reason why archivists preserve Internet content.

On this Reddit post last year, users lamented the possible loss of their young age. If a user grew up during the Facebook era, photos from ten years ago are always just a click away. If a user was a teenager at the time of MySpace, these old photos of his youth have probably disappeared. One particular father wanted to retrieve his deceased son's guitar recordings, which were once available for listening on MySpace. These audio files are gone now.

The beginnings of social networks had not yet instilled the idea that all the content we put online could one day disappear. The cloud was new. People can download their group demo on any computer and play it anywhere! How can this technology that places all our data everywhere one day result in our data being nowhere?

This is not the first time that a piece of the old Internet has been lost through MySpace. In 2011, News Corp. MySpace to a media group including J as a stakeholder. The site in 2013 in an attempt to rebranding, leaning even more heavily in its music offerings. Without warning, MySpace represents a decade of posts, comments, and private posts on the users' blog. Almost six years later and almost completely, it seems that MySpace has cleaned up most of the content it had left behind.

Facebook, Twitter and most other popular social media platforms now give users much greater control over the export of their data. When social networks go bankrupt, many technology companies now provide at least one advance notice so that their users can view their content.

Leave the lesson to MySpace in 2019: save your personal files, because Internet is rather ephemeral.

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