Mysterious objects found in Call of Duty Blackout seem to tease a voluminous map update


The teasers started to sink Black Ops 4Blackout, suggesting adding new locations during the next big update.

Blackout hardly changed visually, except for a few trees in the fall and Black Ops 2The fancy "hijacked" yacht arrives near the coast. With Apex Legends As a serious competitor in the Royal Battle space, Blackout could use a makeover to give the game a new look.

At the end of last week, players discovered mysterious investigation stakes and random elements that Treyarch apparently had slipped into the previous update. An editor published an article on the stakes of the survey, and Treyarch's official report replied simply: "Interesting …"

YouTuber Glitching Queen posted a video on teasing, explaining that a community detective work had identified two mysterious elements in question. One seems to be a lollipop decoration of Black Ops 2"Buried" Zombies, and another is a clock of Black Ops 3The multiplayer card "Outlaw". Both of these cards have western decor, so I'm curious to know what subtle teasing arouses for Blackout. Fortnite Is the full map changing for events, then will Treyarch make every effort to teleport the entire Blackout into the Wild West? It is more likely that we would see an area of ​​the map become an old western city, but anything is possible here.

Buried is primarily an underground playground for the dead, so if the two cards combine, I'd at least like to see the Zombies tribute under a part of Outlaw. I love the fact that Nuketown has a great underground bunker for close-quarters fighting, and that Buried Buried would allow very interesting Blackout fights with the living and the dead. So, if Buried ends up having an out-of-ground representation in the form of one or two stores, I think it would be a missed opportunity to bring a tighter and tighter action.

Excerpt from Monday's clip Call of DutyThe Association's Twitter account shows a bunch of red tags on the Blackout card and a large X drawn on the desert portion. The Big X is probably the future site of the Western West, but I hope we will receive more than one of these updated sites at once.

There is also a suspicious dark ring above the water at the top left of the map, which could be a teaser … or just a stain of coffee to watch us. I hope it's actually a tease Black Ops 2'S Carrier, which is a ginormous aircraft carrier. An island could even surface to become a fun place for Splash, Black Ops 3The colorful DLC map of the water park. The color palette of Blackout did not hurt.

Blackout has tons of small buildings that are all alike, so there is a lot of desperate real estate for a new look and a shortage of Secret operations Plans. I would like to loot and have gunfights on Hazard, which is a DLC card from Secret operations. There is even a hockey stadium and a movie theater that can draw players to less-traveled areas of the map. Treyarch could easily add more personality and nostalgia to Blackout, and I hope we are preparing for the first dramatic visual change. There is no date on which the new look will appear, but the current Operation Absolute Zero event must end on PlayStation 4 within a week. We will probably be surprised when the new operation will begin on February 19th for PlayStation users. Xbox One and PC will have new content the next week.

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