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N ° 4 of the 5 main current aesthetic treatments

– Dr. Rajani ranks fourth among his top five treatments in aesthetic medicine today. Glow of the skin and resurfacing.
PlasmaGlo helps patients restore radiance to the skin and look younger.
PRF or platelet-rich fibrin is the latest development using your own body to help create beautiful, fresh, glowing skin. The PRF replaced the PRP for Dr. Rajani and is a key component of PlasmaGlo.
It's a natural way to look young. Progression of PRP or platelet-rich plasma, PRF has spread in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe and more particularly in France.
The micro-switch with needles and RF technology produce fine channels in the skin that initiate the body to healing and restoration. We then add FRP before and after to facilitate the skin response.
This treatment works with fillers, botox and collagen stimulating injections and does not dissolve or minimize their effects. Knowing the depth and having appropriate post-treatment topicals produce the best end result
All skin care is included in PlasmGlo to ensure the best results possible.
PRF can also be injected into the skin.

Dr. Rajani is a trainer at Allergan. Galderma, AIAM, Suneva, Microcannula Dermasculpt, PRF, Novathreads and a sought after speaker and educator.
He is the founder of Plasmasculpt and PlasmaSculpt.com.
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