N.J. weather: A mix of snow, slush and freezing rain could make driving difficult on Wednesday

It's starting to look like a recovery from last week and many other storms that have plagued New Jersey this winter.

On Wednesday, another storm system will be heading towards us and, like so many others before, it will be a winter mix of snow, slush, freezing rain and driving rain.

Just like the storm that hit us last Tuesday, the snow totals are not at the rendezvous for New Jersey. However, forecasters worry about dangerous driving conditions due to mixed rainfall.

Their main concern is Wednesday night commuting, as many areas of Garden State will have a light snow cover on the ground. Melted snow and freezing rain mingle as the temperature rises from 30 to 25 years. .

Here's what drivers can expect Wednesday, according to the latest forecasts from the National Weather Service.

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