Namaz in the viral video Gurudwara! Video की मिसाल – Viral video of muslim in gurudwara


The video of a man offering namaz inside gurdwara becomes viral. A Muslim man offers a namaz inside Gurdwara, video of a man offering a namazi inside Gurdwara.
Muslim in Gurudwara. Muslim man praying to gurudwara. A video that proves religious harmony wins hearts online. In the video that goes viral on Facebook and Twitter, we see a Muslim offering namaz, not inside a mosque but a gurdwara. The man is seen praying in the background while Gurbani is sung at the microphone. The unusual sight was recorded by a spectator of the Sikh place of worship and warmed many hearts on social media.

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The images shared by Sikh Inside, a popular page that shares activities in Gurdwaras around the world, claimed that this had taken place in Malaysia. "A Muslim brother spotted doing Namaz in Gurdwara Sahib Bercham, Ipoh. Probably he could not find a mosque and go through Gurdwara to complete his Namaz, "the group wrote on Facebook. The man is seen leaving the scene after finishing his prayers.

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