Name of the police: 6 people found dead after the Logansport house fire


UPDATE: Police named the six people – four children and two adults – found dead in a burning house in Logansport, Indiana on Wednesday.

The deceased were Joseph Huddleston (42), Bandi Vail (25), Kadee Huddleston (10), Swayzee Hite (3), Rhylie Hite (3) and 3 years. Marshall Hite.

The following statement was released Thursday morning by the Indiana State Police:

Logansport – Yesterday, a fire at 4317 Pottawatomie Point Road in Logansport, Indiana, caused the death of six people aged between three months and 42 years.

Yesterday, at approximately 1:49 am, a 911 call to the Cass County Dispatch Center reported the fire at the home located at 4317 Pottawatomie Point Road, in rural Logansport, Indiana. The appellant reported that there were perhaps several people trapped inside. The two deputies of the Cass County Sheriff were the first to arrive home and found the two-story house in flames. Despite police attempts to reach those inside, they were prevented by smoke and fire. Officers met an adult man and an adult woman who escaped the fire. The two men were transported by ambulance to Logansport Hospital Memorial Hospital, injured to death. One of the deputies was suffering from smoke inhalation, but refused any medical treatment on the premises.

Several fire departments arrived at the scene to combat the fire, cold temperatures and lack of access to water on the premises. Firefighters had to carry water from a Logansport water outlet when their tankers dried up. After the fire was extinguished, firefighters began searching the house devastated by the pain by searching for the body of the deceased.

During their search, the firefighters found six bodies, two adults and four children. The adults were Joseph Huddleston, 42, and Brandi Vail, 25. The foundlings were three girls: Kadee Huddleston, 10, Swayzee Hite, 3, and Rhylie Hite, 1, and a three-month-old boy, Marshall Hite. The youngest are the children of Brandi Vail. Kadee Huddleston is the daughter of Joseph Huddleston.

Brandi Vail is the daughter-in-law of Joseph Huddleston. Shelia Huddleston, 43, and Brandon Huddleston, 19 years old. The two adults who escaped the fire are Shelia Huddleston, 19 years old. Shelia is the wife of Joseph Huddleston and his son, Brandon.

This is an active investigation by the Cass County Sheriff's Department. At the present time, there is no indication that the fire was intentionally fired.

ORIGINAL HISTORY: Police said the bodies of the six victims were found from the scene of a terrible fire at Logansport on Wednesday morning.

This includes a 25-year-old woman and her three children aged three months to three years.

A 42-year-old man and his 10-year-old daughter are also dead.

Two people were able to leave the house in flames. Indiana State Police believe that they are the wife of the man and his adult son.

Police said they managed to rescue two adults who are recovering at the hospital.

Officials say the surviving victims told them that there were six others inside.

Investigators face several challenges.

"Of course, you all noticed that the house had collapsed and the interior of the building was badly damaged," said Gresson. Marshal of fires of Indiana. "A lot of fire damage, a lot of consumption of combustible materials.It is very difficult.As you can see, we have an excavation unit here that will systematically separate it so we can enter and do our investigation. "

At this point, the investigators say there is no evidence that the fire was intentionally triggered.

Firefighters said they did not hear any smoke alarms when they arrived at the scene.

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