Nancy Pelosi on Trump insults: "I'm done with him"


"I'm done with it," Pelosi told Raju at the tax summit organized by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

"I do not even want to talk about it," she said, adding, "My stock is increasing every time it's attacking me, so what can I say, but do not waste too much time there above, because it's his victory, the chief deviator, the chief focus deviator. "

Tensions between Pelosi and Trump increased last week after Pelosi reportedly privately told the Democratic leaders that she wants to see the president "in jail". When asked if she had made such comments, Ms. Pelosi said that she would keep secret what she had told her fellow Democrats behind closed doors.

"Did you really say that, did you really say that the president would prefer to see him in prison?" Raju asked.

Pelosi replied, "When we talk in our caucus, they stay in our caucus, do people think that there are impenetrable offenses committed by the president?" Yes, how serious are they? Many people think that they are. "

The president criticized Pelosi for "the prison" last Thursday in an interview with Fox News, describing it as "a mean, vindictive and horrible person". The interview took place on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, while Trump was at the Normandy American Cemetery in France. Pelosi compared his behavior in Normandy with the words of the president. During her interview, she deliberately did not attack the president.

"The first rule of our (Congressional delegation) is that we never criticize a US president when we are abroad, we have plenty of time to do it once we get home," he said. she declared.

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