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A former 49ers linebacker who witnessed what it took to be a great player, alongside Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman, saw no difference for Reuben Foster as a player or person .

"He's undisciplined, and you can see that in his playing style and in his lifestyle," said former NFL linebacker Michael Wilhoite at The 49ers insider podcast.

The Monday's 49ers have officially cut Foster, a first-round pick of 2017, following his arrest Saturday at the team's hotel in Tampa, Fla., For criminal domestic violence. The accuser, Elissa Ennis, told the police that she wanted to file a complaint against Foster for domestic violence.

The same woman was involved in a domestic incident involving Foster in February in Los Gatos. After initially telling the investigators that Foster had beaten her eight to ten times in the head, she retracted her version of the facts under oath during the preliminary hearing. She said that she lied about her accusations of revenge against Foster, who told him that he wanted to break up.

Wilhoite played six years in the NFL. After playing his first five years with the 49ers, he finished his career last season with the Seattle Seahawks. Although Wilhoite has never been Foster's teammate, he has followed closely the former star of Alabama. Wilhoite said Foster's play this season showed he was not fully committed to doing the right thing to excel in professional football.

"You can see it in the way he plays," said Wilhoite. "He is," See ball, look for ball. "There is no running." No technique at his game, no bases. "He was one of the league's best players for missed tackles this year." And it's just be unruly.

"It looked like he had no discipline. It was almost as if no one was sitting Ruben and saying to him: "Ruben, you must do that better"; "You must follow this special route in cover 3;" It's as if no one had sat him down to make him understand that all those little details that go into the practice of football are very important. "

Perhaps the biggest indicator that Foster was not able to realize his potential as a player came when the 49ers chose to play against the linebacker. After passing choice # 31 in the draft on Foster, the club was waiting for him to eventually take over as linebacker leaving.

The linebacker for the 49ers is responsible for relaying the radio call from the sideline and making sure that adjustments are made for his teammates to be properly placed. The player with the radio transmitter is identified by a green dot on his helmet.

Instead, the 49ers entrusted this responsibility to rookie Fred Warner.

"They did not trust him," said Wilhoite about Foster. "When you put that green dot on someone's helmet, you trust that person. You feel that this person can communicate with everyone in the defense what we want her to communicate. We think he can put the guys in the proper places where they are supposed to be. Then he can go play after the ball is broken, and they do not trust him. And that's why they did not give him the green dot. "

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