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NASA fears that its internal server is being hacked, the personal information of its staff swept away by villains • The Register

Another leak, this time around, is personal. More: Trump launches Space Force, er, Command

NASA Galileo Probe (courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech)

No spaceship was injured in this incident

A server containing personal information, including social security numbers, from current and former NASA workers may have been hacked and its data stolen, he revealed today.

According to an internal memo released Tuesday by staff, the US Space Agency investigated in mid-October whether two of its machines with employee records had been compromised and discovered that one of they might have been infiltrated by scribes.

It was also feared that this sensitive personal data was siphoned from the hijacked server. Senior officials of the agency pointed out that no space mission had been affected and that protection against identity theft would be offered to all concerned workers, both old and new. current. The IT staff at Boffinry Nerve Center has since secured the servers and is reviewing other systems to make sure they are fully defended, we are told.

Anyone who has joined, left or transferred to the agency from July 2006 to October 2018 may have stolen his personal archives, according to NASA officials. At present, the agency employs about 17,300 people.

"After the discovery of the incidents, NASA's cyber security staff immediately took steps to secure the servers and the data they contain," said the memo, released by Deputy Administrator Bob Gibbs.

"NASA and its federal cybersecurity partners continue to review servers to determine the extent of potential data leakage and to identify potentially affected individuals, which will take time. 39, ongoing investigation is a major priority of the agency, with the active participation of management. " do not think that cyber incidents have jeopardized agency missions. "

In a statement to The register today, a spokesman for NASA told us:

We asked NASA that it took almost two months to inform the staff, although it was a top priority and what could have been exfiltrated. "We can not go into the details of the data," said a spokesman, adding, "However, 2 CFR 200.79 defines personal identification information as" … information that can be used to distinguish or trace the identity of an individual, alone or associated with other personal information. or to identify information related or potentially related to a specific individual. "®

Additional report by Richard Speed.

In other news from the space … President Donald Trump today called on the Pentagon to form the US Space Command, which will hire service personnel from all over the Uncle Sam's armed forces. The space command should assume the responsibilities in terms of national security related to space previously assumed by the United States Strategic Command.

All of this is part of the president 's desire to create a new branch of the army, Space Force, that will thwart any attempt by Russia or China to block or destroy US satellites or disrupt US airspace. other US space operations.

Crucially, Trump may not be able to convince the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to realize his Space Force dream. Space Command could therefore be an attempt to create another way to create an autonomous military branch centered on space. The space command will be led by a Senate-approved general or admiral, and more details on its conduct will be released in the coming weeks, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

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