NASA has almost lost two rovers on Mars the same week


The same week, her rover opportunity was declared dead, as NASA revealed that she was about to lose her more advanced visitor to Mars, Curiosity.

A "hiccup at startup" sent the robot $ 1.5 billion US in a "safe mode of protection" on February 15, said scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA.

It was relaunched successfully a few days later.

"We are still not sure of its exact cause and we are collecting the relevant data for the analysis," said Steven Lee, Curiosity's deputy project manager.

"The phone has had a single reset on its computer, but it has been working normally since, which is a good sign, and we are currently working to take a snapshot of its memory to better understand what may have happened."

For the moment, his work has been postponed.

"In the short term, we are limiting orders to the vehicle to minimize changes in its memory," Lee said. "We do not want to destroy any evidence of what may have caused the computer to reset, so we expect science to be suspended for a short time."

"Have you ever had a Monday deal on a Friday? Blerg," recounted the rover's account.

"I take a little scientific break while the team diagnoses a computer reset."

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