NASA InSight Lander Now Offers First Mars Public Weather Service – BGR

When you get ready in the morning and you need to know if you want to wear a jacket or not, you probably only have to type the screen of your smartphone several times and to post a newsletter local weather. If ever humanity was planning to colonize Mars, early visitors would greatly benefit from a similar service offering weather forecasts for the Red Planet.

The NASA InSight lander landed on Mars a few months ago and since his arrival, he has come up with a set of very useful tools that he will use to monitor the inside of the planet. Its main mission is to relay data about the inner workings of Mars, but the robot is equipped with sensors to produce its own Martian weather reports, and you can browse them yourself.

As part of the Mars InSight web hub, NASA has created a full-fledged Mars weather page, including high and low temperatures, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure. NASA uses this information to take into account the potential variations in the readings received from the robot's seismometer, which listens carefully to the events in depth.

Mars weather reports are an added bonus. Weather information is vital to the mission, but it is also interesting in itself, and you can now see every day a complete overview of the changes in temperature and local climate.

As you may or may not know, Mars is a very, very cold place. The most recent temperature on February 17 indicates a maximum of 2 degrees Fahrenheit and a very cold minimum of -138 degrees. The wind speed was about 12 miles at the average hour with gusts of up to about 38 mph.

The site also shows weather changes over time through convenient graphs, allowing us to see how time varies from day to day. Check it out!

Image Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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