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NASA says holding back my beer

The Russian Federal Space Agency intends to create a lunar colony by 2040. NASA announced today that there would be a continued human presence within a decade.

The race of the moon is upon you.

The flag of the United States of America remains the only territorial banner on the surface of the Moon. But a quarrel of lunar lands may be imminent. It has become clear that the United States and Russia are aiming for a moon landing with human crew as soon as possible.

Roscomos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, issued a press release on Wednesday claiming that the lunar base was the agency's top priority (translated from Russian):

The interest of humanity for the Moon is mainly related to the fact that unique regions offering favorable conditions for the construction of lunar bases have been discovered on the satellite. The implementation of the lunar program will take place in several stages until 2040.

Russia would implement its new strategy in three phases, namely the launch of an orbital station, a human mission on the surface and the eventual construction of a permanent base.

The agency cites a tense geopolitical climate and limited resources as a factor in its timetable.

The United States, on the other hand, seems to view the idea of ​​a lunar colony as a stepping stone to Mars. Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA's best dog, said The hill:

Right now, we are building a space station, which we call "gateway," which will orbit the moon. Imagine it as a reusable command module in which we can have a human presence around the moon. From there, we want reusable landers that come and go on the surface of the moon. We believe we can achieve this goal in about 10 years, the idea being to prove the ability, reduce the risk, prove the human physiology and then move on to Mars.

It's exciting to imagine putting people back on the moon, but hard to imagine. After all, some experts predict that there is a reservoir of resources waiting to be exploited just below the surface of the moon.

And the Kremlin and the White House would like to protect these treasures for their respective countries. The whole world could soon see what nationalism looks like in space, at least if current political trends continue over the next decade.

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