NASA's electronic cards, Valentine's Day, are the smartest way to say "I love you" – BGR


It's Valentine's Day, which probably means a lot of you who have totally forgotten to plan and have nothing to offer your favorite partner. Well, do not be afraid, because NASA comes with adorablely geeky electronic cards that are sure to make everyone smile.

You have the choice of two dozen cards and you can personalize them with your own message. As you can imagine, the maps are full of curiosities of space, as well as cheers, but we would not have done otherwise.

Most of the electronic boards offered here are in one way or another centered on the space. Several of them have heart-shaped features that NASA has spotted on other planets. Heart-shaped dunes, rocks and even shadows cast by NASA's Curiosity robot on Mars. There is also a handful of other beautiful pictures with cheesy but charming slogans.

Never miss an opportunity to educate the general public, each image is accompanied by an information section that reveals additional details about what exactly is shown in the photo. By clicking on the tiny "i" icon in the corner of the image, you will be taken to a page where you can learn more.

Some of the maps are even accompanied by scientific facts:

Once you have chosen your card, you can personalize it with a special message and say what you want (500 characters maximum), then send it to someone else's special. When you send the card, you also receive a copy of the card in your mail where you can save it for posterity.

It's a light and super nerdy way to spread some Valentine's Day joy and earn you points with everyone.

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