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THE INSIGHT OF NASA ARRIVES ON MARCH! NASA marked history on November 26 with its latest Mars probe, the InSight Mars Lander, landing in the flat plains of Elysium Planitia to study the heart of the red planet like never before. Armed with a crane, a heat probe and a seismometer, InSight will search in depth to understand Marsquakes and other Martian secrets. See our full coverage of the mission below.

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Artistic representation of Mars InSight lander on Elysium Planitia, where it will land on November 26th.

Artistic representation of Mars InSight lander on Elysium Planitia, where it will land on November 26th.

Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Artistic representation of Mars InSight lander on Elysium Planitia, where it will land on November 26th.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Monday, November 26

Landing on Mars! NASA's InSight: a look at the red planet

The NASA InSight lander landed safely on the surface of Mars today (November 26th), winning the first successful landing of Red Planet since the arrival of the Curiosity robot in August 2012.

See! Here is the first Mars photo of NASA's InSight Lander.

The NASA InSight lander landed on the red planet today (November 26th), just before 3pm. EST (2000 GMT) and transmitted his first image of the surface a few minutes later.

This Mars farewell photo by an interplanetary cubesat is absolutely amazing

NASA's Mars Cube One satellite pair broke all records in its path – and now, MarCO-B has become the first small satellite to capture the magnificent farewell portrait of another planet.

While NASA celebrates Mars Landing, a busy future announces, says the head of the agency

NASA is a busy time and today (November 26), the agency 's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is celebrating the successful landing of its Mars InSight lander, and its Director, Jim Bridenstine, focuses on the future.

Pence salutes the landing success of NASA's InSight Mars satellite and other reactions

Congratulations are on the Mars InSight team after NASA lands on the red planet.

NASA's InSight Mars Lander: Amazing D-Day Photos!

NASA's InSight Mars satellite landed successfully on the red planet on November 26, 2018, after a nearly seven-month trip and a tedious six-minute landing sequence. See amazing pictures of the successful landing.

Look from inside the mission control while NASA's InSight is trying to land on Mars

NASA's Mars InSight Mars arrives on the Red Planet today and NASA will offer 360-degree live views inside its Mission Control Center, where appropriate.

The first Cubesats to visit another planet will end the mission on Mars today.

In May, two tiny pioneering satellites borrowed NASA's InSight lander to become the first small satellite to leave the friendly quarter of Earth, but today (November 26) they are nearing the end of their mission.

InSight Mars Lander of NASA reaches Mars today! Here is what to expect

After a journey in the space of nearly seven months covering more than 483 million kilometers, NASA 's InSight lander is expected to land on Mars today (November 26).

Sunday, November 25

Here's what Mars now looks like a tiny Cubesat chasing NASA's InSight Lander

A tiny cube cruising into interplanetary space has captured a new glimpse of Mars just before watching NASA's InSight lander land on the red planet.

"Mars is hard": the tension rises for InSight of NASA landing on the red planet

The NASA InSight Mars lander is scheduled to land on the red planet tomorrow afternoon (26 November), and mission team members and agency officials are naturally nervous about the decisive moment.

Journey to the center of the red planet: NASA's InSight Lander will reveal the secrets inside Mars

Mars is the second most studied planet – only behind ours – but we know practically nothing about it. It's about to change with InSight from NASA.

Get ready for the "Insight Mars Landing 6 Minutes of Terror"

When NASA's InSight mission arrives on Mars on Monday, November 26, the spacecraft faces a formidable challenge – perhaps the most painful to date of its seven-month journey – landing on the surface of the planet.

Saturday, November 24

Red Planet InSight: Why are we still going back to Mars?

Observers from around the world will be listening this Monday (November 26) to watch the latest NASA Martian investigation finally attempt to land on the red planet.

How to find an InSight landing event on Mars in Europe and North America

The NASA InSight lander is scheduled to land on Mars this Monday, November 26th. Why do we continue to send robots to the red planet?

Friday, November 23

Here's why NASA's InSight will land on a "boring" part of Mars

NASA is just days away from posing its robotic geoscientist, the March InSight Mars, on the surface of the red planet – but if all goes well, the explorer will not really have the view.

Thursday, November 22

NASA's InSight Lander will examine the interior of Mars like never before. Here's why.

On Monday, November 26, Mars fans around the world will look forward to NASA landing a new mission called InSight on the Red Planet – but for the scientists who built the mission, true enthusiasm will only begin.

Wednesday, November 21st

For NASA's InSight Mars Lander, all systems are ready for Monday's touchdown

All systems are scheduled to land on Mars on November 26, confirmed NASA staff affiliated with the InSight mission at two press conferences held today (November 21).

Monday 19th November

NASA's InSight Mars Lander hits a week from today!

The NASA Mars InSight Mars will land on the red planet

NASA is landing on Mars! Here's how to watch InSight excitement.

NASA's InSight lander will arrive on the Red Planet in the afternoon of November 26th, hoping to be among a host of celebrations similar to those sparked by the successful landing of the Curiosity Mars rover on August 5th. 2012.

Saturday 17th November

This is how Mars InSight NASA will call home after his spectacular landing

Like any respectful creation, NASA's Mars InSight lander promised to phone his home as soon as he arrived at his destination safely on November 26th.

Wednesday November 7th

Why did NASA choose a landing site for "vanilla ice cream" on Mars for InSight Lander?

Sometimes it's better to get bored – and it's certainly true when you try to land a lander on the surface of Mars, where any event activity is probably bad news.

Thursday November 1

6 minutes of terror: what NASA's Mars LAS faces to reach the red planet

NASA has had a great run of successes in landing robots on Mars in recent times, but that does not mean that the agency is getting agitated before the landing of the aircraft. Lander InSight next month.

Friday, October 26

1 month to March! NASA's InSight Lander: closer to the touch of the red planet

In a month, Mars will welcome a new resident in robotics who seeks to probe the bowels of the planet.

Monday August 20th

NASA's InSight Mars Lander takes a selfie halfway to the red planet

NASA's latest spacecraft bound for Mars is halfway to its destination and is in good condition, the agency said today (Aug. 20). The probe even slammed a selfie into space to mark the milestone.

Monday 18 June

Podcast Gravity Assist: InSight, with Bruce Banerdt

NASA's new chief scientist, Dr. Jim Green, talks with Bruce Banerdt, the chief scientist of the latest mission on Mars: InSight.

Thursday, May 24

NASA's InSight Mars Lander launches its engines in space for the first time

The NASA Mars InSight Lander made its first engine burn on Tuesday, May 22, refining its journey to the red planet.

Tuesday, May 8

The best views of NASA's InSight Mars Lander launch? From an airplane and from a mountain!

When NASA launched its Mars InSight landing gear from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California early Saturday morning (May 5), a thick layer of fog prevented viewers from seeing the Atlas V rocket when it was in orbit.

Sunday, May 6

InSight Mars Lander of NASA left the Earth: what prospects for the probe?

The Mars InSight Mars NASA is now heading towards the Red Planet.

Saturday May 5th

NASA's InSight Mars Lander launches to probe the deep inside of the red planet

The last NASA explorer on Mars is en route to the red planet.

Friday May 4th

NASA's InSight Mars Lander has almost not taken place. This is how it was saved.

NASA's next Mars mission has almost not taken place.

Vice President Pence Visits NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Before Mars InSight Launch

Vice President Mike Pence visited NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) last Saturday (April 28th) in Pasadena, California, to tour the facilities and learn about the preparations for the new mission of NASA. NASA on Mars.

Thursday, May 3

NASA gives its approval for the launch of InSight Mars Lander, visible or not

The next NASA spacecraft bound for Mars is ready to launch, even if there is a better chance that no one will see it when it leaves the ground.

West in March: NASA's InSight Mars Lander will make a historic launch on the West Coast

In 60 years of existence, NASA has launched more than 50 spacecraft to study the solar system beyond the Earth and its moon. Despite this long track record, the agency's next mission will do something that has never been done by another US interplanetary spacecraft.

Measuring earthquakes: how NASA's InSight Lander program will brighten up on the red planet

When we look at Mars in the night sky, we see a red planet – largely because of its rusty surface. But what is there in the interior?

Wednesday, May 2

Deep InSight: NASA's next Lander will probe Red Planet's interior

NASA is about to launch a spacecraft that will investigate the deepest and darkest secrets of Mars.

No planet is as ingrained in myths and misconceptions as Mars. This trivia quiz will reveal how much you are really aware of some of the most zany claims about the red planet.

The original & apos; Face on Mars & apos; Image taken by NASA's Viking 1 orbiter, grayscale, July 25, 1976. The image shows a massive remaining in the Cydonia region.

0 of 10 questions completed

Watch the arrival of Mars InSight Lander from NASA on its launch site in California

The NASA InSight lander is getting closer to the red planet since it arrived at its launch site, where final preparations are underway for takeoff in May.

360 degree view: NASA's InSight Mars Lander lab

A new 360 – degree video on NASA 's YouTube channel shows an engineering model of the InSight LG testing the deployment of instruments in a simulated Martian environment at NASA' s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California.

Meet the next Mars Lander: discover NASA's InSight

NASA's next March Mars is in the final stages of preparation before heading to California's Vandenberg Air Force Base, where it will become the first interplanetary mission to take off from this site.

Send your name to Mars aboard NASA's Lander InSight!

NASA is giving you another chance to send your name on Mars aboard the InSight LG that will be launched on the Red Planet next year.

Will NASA's InSight Mars mission be launched in 2018?

The ground lander of Mars was supposed to have been launched so far. Will it be postponed to 2018? NASA is thinking.

In NASA First, Cubesats goes to Mars with InSight Lander

The first two cubesats, which NASA plans to send to another planet, will closely follow the agency's InSight mission that will descend to the surface of Mars.

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