An image captured by NASA's Jupiter spacecraft paints a gripping portrait of the swirling clouds of the planet.

The image, enhanced by software engineer Kevin M. Gill, was created using data from the JunoCam imager of the probe.

View of a jet stream area named "Jet N6" at 12:20. EST February 12th. At the time, NASA announced that Juno was about 8,000 miles from the top of the clouds of the planet.

On Twitter, people compared the image to famous artists like Claude Monet and Jack Pollock. Several users have asked, "Van Gogh, is it you?"

This is not the first time we see an artistic photo of the planet. In June, NASA released an image of Jupiter's "chaotic and turbulent" clouds, with swirling formations and several vortices in the northern hemisphere of the giant planet.

More: NASA publishes a "turbulent" photo of Jupiter's clouds

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