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Anthem is the latest BioWare game, but fans of the massive RPGs such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age will find a very different experience waiting for them. Anthem is a loot shooter, closer to Destiny or The Division, consisting of a campaign followed by a vast post-match with bigger and better rewards to collect and bosses more difficult to face.

Anthem stands out from the competition by the intensive use of a flying mechanic, allowing you to zoom over the battlefield like Iron Man. It also allows you to change class more easily, because your character is a pilot called "freelancer" who can take control of different types of combinations at will.

Until now, Anthem has only been released as a draft on PC and Xbox One, through various EA membership programs. Most of the reviews published so far are early impressions without scores. Nevertheless, a consensus seems to emerge: if flying on the battlefield is nice, the story is dull, especially when compared to the best of BioWare, and many say that the game is not finished in its current state. Read on for industry insights and check out GameSpot's partner site Metacritic for more details.

GameSpot – No score (in progress)

"I am currently dealing with Anthem's disparate missions as an excuse to try a new weapon or a special attack, which, combined with the escape, encourages me to continue." I hope to be able to gain more profit of history as I progress, but so far it's too generic for me to believe in. I'm going to continue playing on PC (thankfully, I've only been beaten twice) because of server problems), so take a look at the full review in the next few days. "- Kallie Plagge [Full review]

Destructoid – 7/10

"I would have liked some things to be different, but I found myself wanting to play Anthem beyond the scope of this article.This does not change the way the genre works, not in the long run, and if you've already had a few Before you throw them into the gutter, you'll probably do the same here BioWare will have to build quickly over its shimmering base fed by jets to hold the interests of the people, but the people looking for a new neighborhood in which to install might want to try Anthem, either now or after patches and updates. "- Chris Carter [Full review]

Ars Technica – No score

"This freaking rad game at its best, but it's just not finished. It's not fun to have sessions with friends so constantly interrupted. It's not fun to keep leaving the main map to check my loot and quest rhythms. It's not fun to fight again and again and again these annoying bad guys in these boring missions. It's not fun to feel baffled by a lack of information everywhere. Anthem has lightning of very good game, but what's the point if it's not fun?"- Sam Machkovech [Full review]

Polygon – No score

"BioWare has already done a lot of work, a satisfying game loop is hard to create, but the studio did it well, and playing makes me feel like I'm a real sci-fi superhero, 10 seconds at a time. In order for Anthem to survive, BioWare will have to clarify its identity and prioritize the good elements .I would love the story, the interface, the experience to play the anthem to maintain this loop, rather than fight it. I would love that unique quests and activities not only keep me busy, but also give me a goal. While playing Anthem, I can feel where this game is going. I'm just worried about the time it will take to get there. "- Russ Frushtick [Full review]

GamesRadar – No Score (In progress)

"But we do not find enough things that make BioWare games distinctly BioWare – it's the content that Anthem needs as soon as possible because, for the moment, it exists only in the shadow of Destiny. who regularly grew up evolved with the community, the spirit – but the fate of five years ago.Anthem is designed to grow and evolve over time, but unless it happens sooner than expected, he will be dead upon his arrival. "- Sam Loveridge [Full review]

USGamer – No Score (In progress)

"It's a beautiful game where the movement is unique and liberating.The story throws a lot of things on the players and some characters have the impression to live like models, but there are also exceptional cases. Destiny: It's an intriguing start, but there are several problems to solve, but the frustrating thing is that many of these problems have already been solved by other MMOs, which is disconcerting for me. Anthem seems to be starting from scratch, although I'm sure BioWare will do everything necessary to improve its post-launch. "- Mike Williams [Full review]

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