Nature & # 39; s Path Cereal Recall: Nature's Path Reminiscent of Gluten-Free Kidney Cereals Due to Undeclared Gluten

Nature & # 39; s Path Foods recalls more than 450,000 boxes of gluten-free cereals for kids, as breakfast foods could contain wheat and barley, likely to cause serious health problems to people sensitive or allergic to gluten.

This recall concerns a specific production cycle of the company's EnviroKidz line – Choco Chimps, Gorilla Munch and Jungle Munch – that may contain undeclared gluten, according to a press release issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The recall involves 450,648 EnviroKidz cereal boxes, accounting for five per cent of the company's gluten-free EnviroKidz grain sales since the beginning of the year, said a spokeswoman for Nature's Path at CBS MoneyWatch. The recalled products represent a production of one week.

People who are allergic to wheat, who suffer from celiac disease or who are sensitive to gluten and wheat are advised not to consume the recalled cereals due to potential adverse health effects.

One in 100 people have celiac disease, an autoimmune disease in which gluten intake causes damage to the small intestine, according to the Celiac Foundation.

In the United States, the recalled products contain 10 ounce boxes bearing the following labels and expiry date:

EnviroKidz Choco Chimp with UPC code 0 5844987024 1 and an "expiry date" of August 27, 2019.

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Nature Foods Path

EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch with UPC code 0 58449 86002 0 and the "expiry date" of August 24, 2019.

Product recalled

Nature Foods Path

EnviroKidz Jungle Munch with UPC code 0 58449 86002 0 and the "expiry date" of 21 September 2019.

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Nature Foods Path

Canadians should not consume the following recalled products (every 284 grams):

  • EnviroKidz Choco Chimp with UPC code 05844987023 4 with "expiry date" of August 27, 2019
  • EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch with UPC code 0 58449 86002 0 with "expiry date" of August 24, 2019
  • EnviroKidz Jungle Munch with UPC code 0 5844987027 2 with "expiry date" of August 1, 2019

The error, which was isolated for a manufacturing plant, was due to air contamination resulting in confusion in production schedules, according to Nature's Path, a company based in Richmond, British Columbia. The company said it was removing affected grain from store shelves and warehouses.

"This inability to meet the gluten-free standard that our consumers expect and trust is a deep concern," said Arjan Stephens, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, in the recall statement. "We have reviewed and modified our internal practices to ensure that our gluten-free cereals will not be affected in the future."

Other Nature & # 39; s Path and EnviroKidz gluten-free products are not affected and are not recalled.

Consumers claiming a refund for the affected grain must return the product to their local retailer or call Nature's Pathway Customer Service at (866) 880-7284 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm Pacific) or by e-mail at ConsumerServices @ naturespath. .com.

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