NBA coaching tracker, rumors: the Lakers are separating from Luke Walton; Kings see Dave Joerger

The NBA season has started Thursday for almost half of the league while the regular season was over.

Several senior coaches who were in the hot seat during the last days of the season were released and others could be relieved of their duties in the coming days. The changes began with the choice of the Sacramento Kings to dismiss head coach Dave Joerger, although the team is at the height of the playoffs.

The future of Luke Walton with the Lakers was in question after Magic Johnson has stepped down as President of Basketball Operations, but we received our response Friday, when Walton and the team agreed to part ways. He is now very popular with other vacancies in the league, and the employment of the Lakers could be one of the most coveted in the league.

The coach carousel is certainly in its infancy, but some names are already looking for a job after their teams have sent their bags.

NBA Coaching Tracker 2019

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