NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis still has the Lakers at the top of the list, does not consider the Celtics as a "long-term" option

If you are a Lakers fan who thought he had heard the last Anthony Davis after the trade deadline (at least until the end of the season), think again. Dwightmare 2.0 continues, whether you like it or not.

Davis is still in New Orleans, always seems to want to play and wants to make life as difficult as possible for everyone inside and outside of this city during the last two months of his stay there. He would also particularly like to make things difficult in Boston, even if he denies it during the All-Star Weekend.

According to Shams Charania stadiumDavis is still not interested in playing for the Celtics in the long run (which we knew). There is some new information to consider now, however:

"Anthony Davis must be open to the other 29 teams. He does not have control in this situation. This is the responsibility of the pelicans of New Orleans. They dictate where he will finish this off season … I am always told that his list of four Lakers teams, Clippers, Knicks, (and) Bucks, still exists in that order, in as many teams, this group teams. There are a few other teams, undisclosed at the moment, that he would also consider.

"I'm told that the Celtics are still not a long-term destination for him … The Celtics position has not changed, despite what Anthony Davis said this weekend. Sources have said that the Celtics are not (considered) to the extent that they play long term. But listen, it will depend exactly on where the Pelicans want to exchange it. "

The order in which he prefers his destination has not been announced definitively before. His actions, as well as those of Rich Paul – and leaks in the media – may have suggested that the Lakers were at the top of the list, but this is the first time we have explicitly heard that there is an order of preference on the list. list it's given to pelicans, and it is about as clear that everything has been reported since the initial commercial application that fined Davis.

The problem is that it does not change anything. And even if it were possible, I would not even blame people for rolling with the words that came directly from Davis himself last weekend instead of an anonymous report. Davis said few precious things throughout this process and the comments he made were awkward and detached from the whole situation.

No, Anthony, they do not care about your Instagram "thanks" to the city. In all honesty, very few people outside of New Orleans care about whether or not you play the rest of the season. It was probably not advisable for you to play these five minutes in the all-star game. We are approaching the point of saturation with this story, where every new detail will meet eyes that roll, if this point has not already passed.

The best way forward for Davis (and all our leaders) is probably to just leave the team for a while, to limit the leaks to a minimum until the off-season and see how things will unfold. this summer. More products of this type will be released in the next two months and more Davis will face difficulties, in the meantime, less the front office and the owner of the already frustrated Pelicans will be likely to send him to one of his favorite destinations . only the team tops the list.

Davis made this bed for himself when he requested an exchange. New Orleans then trampled all that bed with muddy shoes by keeping it up to the end. Now, both parties need to find a way to not kill themselves in the next two months. Please, everyone involved, leave it for a little while. Stop running updates every ten minutes.

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