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NBA rumors: The Lakers have Anthony Davis, but what's next? 9 possible targets in free will or trade, including Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walker

The Lakers rocked the NBA with a large-scale contract getting Anthony Davis out of New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night.

Their work is not finished, however.

In this trade, the Lakers traded three players and a handful of draft picks – including this year's first-round pick – which in turn decimates their lineup.

Now, they will focus on adding another star or a handful of independent actors (or perhaps the commercial market) to create a serious competitor around Davis and LeBron James.

Here is an overview of some of their options …

PG Kyrie Irving: Although an Irving-James meeting is fun, it seems more likely that Irving joins one of the New York teams.

PG Kemba Walker: In all respects, Walker will be the Lakers' main target for free agency. It makes sense. He has just finished an NBA season. It's a clutch shooter and a scorer who can play offside if James scores the point. The question then is whether he prefers to fight for a title or get paid the super-max with Charlotte.

F Jimmy ButlerESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski seemed to indicate Saturday night that if the Lakers could not get back to Walker, they could focus on Butler. He would give up a lot of money when he left the Sixers. However, if he wants to settle in Los Angeles to play with James and Davis, it may not be important for Butler.

C Demarcus Cousins: "Boogie" has already had a relationship with Davis since the brief time spent together in New Orleans. This experiment did not work perfectly, but it could be that the Lakers could not find any better than Cousins ​​in free mode.

F Tobias Harris: Like Butler, if the Sixers offered him the maximum, he would leave a lot of money on the table. There has been little attachment between Harris and the Lakers, although he has just lived in Los Angeles for two years and plays a lot with appearances against Davis and James.

G JJ Redick: Redick is more likely to sign up again with the Sixers or the Nets than to return to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers, even if Los Angeles would be able to overpay him to a level the Sixers might not want to go if they strike with other players.

F Harrison Barnes: This would force Barnes to give up his $ 25 million player option with the Kings, but if he knew the Lakers wanted to sign a contract on that salary, then he would have every interest in pursuing it. He is not as exciting as some of the other players on this list, but he is young and an extremely talented scorer.

G Malcolm Brogdon (restricted): The Lakers are in desperate need of help at the guardhouse because they are not on their current list. If they opt for other options and Brogdon is still available, the Lakers could offer Brogdon enough money to win, so the Bucks are less motivated to do the same.

PG Chris Paul (trade): The Lakers should have about $ 30 million in maximum space. If the Rockets try to cancel Paul's contract with someone, Los Angeles could possibly do the business. However, it seems unlikely that Houston will trade with the Lakers unless Kyle Kuzma is involved.

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