NC State gets run over at Florida State, 105-73

For a good short brief several possessions there, we ourselves had a ball game. Jericole Hellems was hitting jumpers left and right, and it was a hotly contested and attacking basketball game … then the other 38 minutes rolled around.

I don’t find it productive to seek overall conclusions from a game like this, because shit happens and sometimes you’re going to hit the extremes really badly.

Of course, people are going to find what they need tonight to substantiate the conclusions they have already drawn about this team and this season. And they may not be wrong. I’m not quite ready to leave everyone involved at the airport tonight.

That game sucked, NC State’s effort was fair, and it’s not the kind of performance a team can pull off without some lingering effects – all of it is bad, and it could be a real problem. I’m not here to minimize how bad and disheartening this was. It was completely rubbish and disheartening, and beyond that I would go so far as to say that it sucked and was disheartening.

If you give up after that, if you think that such a setback must define what happens after, well, you must be new here. Sports don’t work that way, and NC State basketball certainly doesn’t.

But somehow yeah tonight sucks.

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