NCAA 2019 Tournament: Predictions from Mid-Major Madness Team Experts

We know how stressful it can be to fill a winning slice. Which ills should I choose? How chalky should you get? Who exactly will Duke lose? There are many things that go in there.

Fortunately, we are here to help you. Quite simply, we watch ONE TON of basketball during the season, which makes us much better at doing horribly in our pools because the NCAA Tournament is a mistake and nothing is an exact science for a winner.

But if you have a hard time knowing where to go, our predictions may help guide you in your journey. Here are the supports of some of our experts.

Chris Schutte

"I tried to mix in a scale what I had want to happen and what I thought will happen, which is the way each medium must be filled. Good mid-majors are really good and I think a few of them have a good chance of making the second weekend. Regarding the Final Four, I think there is a fairly well-defined group of teams that have the assets to win the title all year round and that has not changed since we saw the slice. I avoided playing chalk with 1 seed in favor of two teams that I loved all season. For the championship, I like a rematch for the 2017 title that leads to the same result, much to the dismay of our readers Gonzaga. North Carolina has a healthy mix of talent among the upper classes and rookie talent, a Hall of Fame coach, and has shown that she can beat anyone in the country. Give me heels in a high score case. "

Russell Steinberg

"It's the year the Zags do it. The best team in the country – the team that lost only three times during the year – is in perfect health and ready to dominate. No, they do not have the easiest way, but I do not care. It was the only team to beat Duke hard and she dominated all the underdogs this season until the WCC final in a loss to Saint Mary's.

Anyway, it's not really daring to pick a seed of 1 to win the whole thing, so a quick note on another thing: yes, I had the Utah State at Sweet 16. Come to me. You need a wild choice that does not make sense every year and that's all for me. Give me the elite defensive team with Conference Player of the Year (Sam Merrill) and leave. I'm not married to my choice of Nevada Elite Eight, but I feel like we're about to see the Wolf Pack live up to its potential. I have UC Irvine in the Sweet 16 because I am desperately seeking the approval of Kyle Cajero.

Now, take a look at the Final Four. What's better than a semifinal with a rematch of the Maui Championship and the other starring Bruce Pearl against the old Bruce Pearl team? Inject that into my veins.

Cam Newton

"I feel like I do not really need to justify my decision to choose Belmont for Sweet Sixteen. Apart from that, I will probably take the pressure of the big fans to have eliminated Nevada in the first round. I have not been impressed at all this season, and I think the Florida defense – the best it has played all season – will be the best on the Wolf Pack.

Of course, I chose Gonzaga to win everything, assuming it was possible to overtake Syracuse, a team known for its recent stupid success in March. This Gonzaga team is complete at all levels and I do not see how anyone can align, especially if Duke falls in the state of Michigan (as I expect).

UC Irvine is another mid-major player to watch, whose group of teams has some of the most formidable teams. It will be a fashionable choice against a Kansas State team without Dean Wade, but they have the assets to succeed in a Sweet 16 race. "

Kyle Cajero

"My support seems to be a standard for a mid-major college basketball writer – with the exception of Gonzaga, who bowed out in the round of 16. Syracuse and his killing defense in fun has been known for his outperformance in the tournament, and I also think as the Bulldogs have been all season, they have not been a perfect team.

Speaking of imperfect teams, I have Nevada in the Final Four. It's my only choice that I really have want to happen; the Wolf Packs are much better (and much deeper) than the Sweet Sixteen team of last season, and although this team had to make huge changes for things to move, I think the group this season is quite capable of doing the same thing, if not something bigger.

Apart from that, I am not fully sold on Yale, deplores Wofford's return with Kentucky and his record for UC Irvine, because even though I am trapped in Siberia more in the Big West country, the brand is strong. Zot.

Austin Brown

"I went more chalk than I ever have. I think the gap between the top 4-6 and the rest of the pack is bigger than it usually is. I think this Gonzaga team is better than 2017 and I really do not see anyone who poses a serious challenge to them before the Final Four. I think the UNC guard and the rebound are winning. In general, I get the national champion or they lose in a historic first round, so if the heels can overtake Iona, the navigation should be smooth. "

JP Proulx

"The NCAA Tournament will be a predefined collision course for Final Four matches. I've got Duke coming out of the East after defeating Michigan State in Elite Eight. In addition, in this region, Belmont seeks to perpetuate the tradition of First Four teams going into the Sweet 16 dance. I do not trust UVA to come out of the South, and because of this, Rick Barnes' volunteers will reap advantages. I have chalk in the Midwest after the first round and Blue Blood in the regional final (Oh no, I turn into Dickie V). It is time to compensate for this. Gonzaga, Buffalo, Nevada and Murray State are part of Sweet 16 in the west. The Bulldogs I just came out of the region for their second Final Four in three years. Then it's the Zags who beat Duke again, this time with Killian Tillie. While Kentucky takes revenge for the semi-finals of the SEC on Tennessee. The Zags have their best team under Mark Few and Rui Hachimura will lead the Bulldogs to their first national title. "

Austin Montgomery

"My typical strategy in parentheses is to make the chalk disappear and hope for craziness. However, I have refrained from following this path this year. I took a double-digit seed to make it the Sweet Sixteen to 11 Belmont Seeds. I chose the states of Murrary and New Mexico to create 12 seeds, while toning down the angry selections of Oregon and UC Irvine. I chose Utah St to upset UNC in 32. The state of Utah is unquestionably the country's most improved team on the defensive and I can see them defeat the Tarheels. Even though Utah State is not able to beat UNC, I still think Kansas or Auburn will beat them in the Sweet Sixteen. The rest of my support is chalky, putting two 1 seed and two 2 seeds in the Final Four. I think we're getting a fourth round of Tennessee and Kentucky and a rematch between Gonzaga and Duke. The Zags are by far the deepest and most talented rotation in the country. I think that a final in Kentucky and Zags would be very entertaining. Zags win the title and remove the story of the underdogs for good. "

Greg Mitchell

"This is the year that mid-majors join the vulnerable power teams. Belmont's historic victory in the First Four will help him get past LSU with Will Wade watching from afar, while UC Irvine's defense wins a nasty victory over a K-State team without his own Wade (hurt Dean). Northeastern brings more tears to the sunflower state by placing three players on a team from Kansas who received the gift too good to be true of the Midwest. "

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