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NCAA 2019 University Baseball Rack: Printable College World Series .PDF Support

The 2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament is comprised of eight teams for the 2019 College World Series. The games at TD Ameritrade Park kicked off Saturday as Michigan beat Texas Tech 5-3 and Florida State over Arkansas 1-0. Reading will resume Sunday, June 16 at 2pm. AND while Vanderbilt and Lousiville compete for a place among the winners.

Here is the support for the NCAA 2019 Division 1 Baseball Tournament and support for the College World Series.

CWS 2019: Follow the support and scores throughout the NCAA Baseball Tournament

NCAA 2019 University Baseball Rack

SUPPORT: Field of 64 | University World Series

Let's see what you need to know about the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Division I 2019 Baseball Tournament: CWS Calendar

DateThuThe teamsTime (ET)TV channel
Saturday June 15thGame 1Michigan 5, Texas Tech 314hESPN
Saturday June 15thGame 2 State of Florida 1, Arkansas 019hESPN
Sunday, June 16thGame 3Vanderbilt against Louisville14hESPN
Sunday, June 16thGame 4State of Mississippi against Auburn7:30 p.m.ESPN2
Monday June 17thGame 5Texas Tech vs Arkansas14hESPN
Monday June 17thGame 6Michigan against the state of Florida19hESPN
Tuesday 18 JuneGame 7Loser game 3 vs Loser game 414hESPN
Tuesday 18 JuneGame 8Winner match 3 vs. Winner match 419hESPN
Wednesday, June 19thGame 9Winner match 5 vs loser match 619hESPN
Thursday June 20thGame 10Winner game 7 vs loser game 820hESPN2
Friday June 21Game 11Winner Match 6 vs Winner Match 914hESPN
Friday June 21Game 12Winner Game 8 vs. Winner Game 1019hESPN
Saturday, June 22Game 13 *TBD vs. TBD14hESPN
Saturday, June 22Game 14 *TBD vs. TBD19hESPN
Monday, June 24CWS Finals: Game 1TBD vs. TBD19hESPN
Tuesday, June 25CWS Finale: Game 2TBD vs. TBD19hESPN
Wednesday, June 26CWS Finals: Game 3 *TBD vs. TBD19hESPN

*If necessary

See the full schedule here.

NCAA Division I 2019 Baseball Tournament: How it Works

It took a while to get to the current format. From the group of eight in 1947 to the current group of 64, the unit experienced several upheavals during his day. The current group of 64 teams started in 1999 with the addition of the super regions. He went one step further by making the final of the World Series College a best-of-three series in 2003.

Of the 64-team squad, 31 receive automatic qualifying bids to win their conferences, while the NCAA Division I baseball committee selects the last 33 teams. Sixteen of these teams receive a national ranking and could organize the Super Regional tournament if they advance.

Then the fun begins.

SHOP CWS GEAR: Florida State | Louisville | Michigan | State of Mississippi | Texas Tech | Vanderbilt

regional: The first round consists of 64 teams divided into 16 teams of four teams, seeded No. 1 to 4 and playing a tournament in double elimination.

Super Regional: The 16 teams from the regions are twinned in eight super regions. The teams will play a series of the best of the three series to find out who goes to Omaha.

College World Series: The eight winners of Super Regional tournaments head to TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. Each of the eight teams receives one seed and is divided into two groups of four. The two winners of each group will face in a final of the best of the three College World Series.

For a detailed overview of how the College World series works, click here.

College World Series: History

California defeated Yale in the inaugural College World Series, the first of two played in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Texas came out as the first consecutive champion to win the only CWS ever played in Wichita, Kansas in 1949. The following season, Texas won its second championship by opening Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.

HISTORY OF THE CWS: The coaches with the most wins | Most titles | Most appearances | Most represented conferences

Here is a complete list of all the College World Series finals in 72 years of history.

2018State of Oregon (55-12-1)Pat Casey5-0ArkansasOmaha, Neb.
2017Florida (52-19)Kevin O 'Sullivan6-1LSUOmaha, Neb.
2016Coastal Carolina (55-18)Gary Gilmore4-3ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
2015Virginia (44-24)Brian O'Connor4-2VanderbiltOmaha, Neb.
2014Vanderbilt (51-21)Tim Corbin3-2VirginiaOmaha, Neb.
2013* UCLA (49-17)John Savage8-0State of MississippiOmaha, Neb.
2012* Arizona (48-17)Andy Lopez4-1Caroline from the southOmaha, Neb.
2011* South Carolina (55-14)Ray Tanner5-2FloridaOmaha, Neb.
2010South Carolina (54-16)Ray Tanner2-1 (11 inn.)UCLAOmaha, Neb.
2009LSU (56-17)Paul Mainieri11-4TexasOmaha, Neb.
2008State of Fresno (47-31)Mike Batesole6-1GeorgiaOmaha, Neb.
2007* State of Oregon (49-18)Pat Casey9-3North CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2006State of Oregon (50-16)Pat Casey3-2North CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2005* Texas (56-16)Augie Garrido6-2FloridaOmaha, Neb.
2004Cal St. Fullerton (47-22)George Horton3-2TexasOmaha, Neb.
2003Rice (58-12)Wayne Graham14-2StanfordOmaha, Neb.
2002* Texas (57-15)Augie Garrido12-6Caroline from the southOmaha, Neb.
2001* Miami (Florida) (53-12)Jim Morris12-1StanfordOmaha, Neb.
2000* LSU (52-17)Passer Bertman6-5StanfordOmaha, Neb.
1999* Miami (Florida) (50-13)Jim Morris6-5State of FloridaOmaha, Neb.
1998Southern California (49-17)Mike Gillespie21-14State of ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1997* LSU (57-13)Passer Bertman13-6AlabamaOmaha, Neb.
1996* LSU (52-15)Passer Bertman9-8Miami, FloridaOmaha, Neb.
1995* Cal St. Fullerton (57-9)Augie Garrido11-5Southern CaliforniaOmaha, Neb.
1994* Oklahoma (50-17)Larry Cochell13-5Georgia TechOmaha, Neb.
1993LSU (53-17-1)Passer Bertman8-0State of WichitaOmaha, Neb.
1992* Pepperdine (48-11-1)Andy Lopez3-2Cal St. FullertonOmaha, Neb.
1991* LSU (55-18)Passer Bertman6-3State of WichitaOmaha, Neb.
1990Georgia (52-19)Steve Webber2-1Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1989State of Wichita (68-16)Gene Stephenson5-3TexasOmaha, Neb.
1988Stanford (46-23)Mark Marquis9-4State of ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1987Stanford (53-17)Mark Marquis9-5Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1986Arizona (49-19)Jerry Kindall10-2State of FloridaOmaha, Neb.
1985Miami (Florida) (64-16)Ron Fraser10-6TexasOmaha, Neb.
1984Cal St. Fullerton (66-20)Augie Garrido3-1TexasOmaha, Neb.
1983* Texas (66-14)Cliff Gustafson4-3AlabamaOmaha, Neb.
1982* Miami (Florida) (55-17-1)Ron Fraser9-3State of WichitaOmaha, Neb.
nineteen eighty oneState of Arizona (55-13)Jim Brock7-4Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1980Arizona (45-21-1)Jerry Kindall5-3HawaiiOmaha, Neb.
1979Cal St. Fullerton (60-14-1)Augie Garrido2-1ArkansasOmaha, Neb.
1978* Southern California (54-9)Rod Dedeaux10-3State of ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1977State of Arizona (57-12)Jim Brock2-1Caroline from the southOmaha, Neb.
1976Arizona (56-17)Jerry Kindall7-1East MichiganOmaha, Neb.
1975Texas (59-6)Cliff Gustafson5-1Caroline from the southOmaha, Neb.
1974Southern California (50-20)Rod Dedeaux7-3Miami, FloridaOmaha, Neb.
1973* Southern California (51-11)Rod Dedeaux4-3State of ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1972Southern California (47-13-1)Rod Dedeaux1-0State of ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1971Southern California (46-11)Rod Dedeaux5-2Southern IllinoisOmaha, Neb.
1970Southern California (45-13)Rod Dedeaux2-1 (15 inn.)State of FloridaOmaha, Neb.
1969State of Arizona (56-11)Bobby Winkles10-1TulsaOmaha, Neb.
1968* Southern California (43-12-1)Rod Dedeaux4-3Southern IllinoisOmaha, Neb.
1967State of Arizona (53-12)Bobby Winkles11-0HoustonOmaha, Neb.
1966State of Ohio (27-6-1)Marty Karow8-2Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1965State of Arizona (54-8)Bobby Winkles2-0state of OhioOmaha, Neb.
1964Minnesota (31-12)Dick Siebert5-1MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1963Southern California (35-10)Rod Dedeaux5-2ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1962Michigan (34-15)Don Lund5-4 (15 inn.)Santa ClaraOmaha, Neb.
1961* Southern California (36-7)Rod Dedeaux1-0Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1960Minnesota (34-7-1)Dick Siebert2-1 (10 inn.)Southern CaliforniaOmaha, Neb.
1959State of Oklahoma (27-5)Toby Greene5-0ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1958Southern California (29-3)Rod Dedeaux8-7 (12 inn.)MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1957* California (35-10)George Wolfman1-0Penn StateOmaha, Neb.
1956Minnesota (37-9)Dick Siebert12-1ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1955Wake Forest (29-7)Taylor Sanford7-6Western MichiganOmaha, Neb.
1954Missouri (22-4)John "Hi" Simmons4-1RollinsOmaha, Neb.
1953Michigan (21-9)Ray Fisher7-5TexasOmaha, Neb.
1952Holy Cross (21-3)Jack Barry8-4MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1951* Oklahoma (19-9)Jack Baer3-2TennesseeOmaha, Neb.
1950Texas (27-6)Bibb Falk3-0State of WashingtonOmaha, Neb.
1949* Texas (23-7)Bibb Falk10-3Wake ForestWichita, Kan.
1948Southern California (26-4)Sam Barry9-2YaleKalamazoo, Mich.
1947* California (31-10)Clint Evans8-7YaleKalamazoo, Mich.

* Indicates that teams are undefeated in the College World Series matches.

COLLEGE WORLD SERIES: Ticket and Game Information | 2019 Calendar

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