NCAA Tournament: This man has the final perfect parenthesis of March Madness

There remains only one perfect support for NCAA tournaments in all major online support games.

And its creator, Gregg Nigl from Ohio, did not even realize he still had perfect support.

"It's really amazing, I did not expect it at all, it was the fourth installment I filled in. I have almost not filled it in. C & # 39; 39 is a bit of a coincidence, "said Nigl.

Nigl has accurately predicted the outcome of each of the 48 games up to now in this year's online support challenge.

It's the only medium that has ever penetrated Sweet 16 in the five years the NCAA started searching for online media, including its own site, ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fox, and Sports. Illustrated.

Nigl a Gonzaga winning the tournament against Kentucky.

"Go with the teams you love, go with the ones you love the most, that's what I did," Nigl said.

We'll see if his winning streak will continue with Thursday's games.

You can read more about his upcoming predictions on Good Morning America.

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