Nearly 100 abortion clinic workers seek to leave the industry after seeing an "unplanned" Pro-Life movie

Chuck Konzelman, director of the film "Unplanned" of Pure Flix, revealed in Congress this week that nearly 100 abortion clinic workers had sought to leave their job after viewing the pro-life movie.

In testimony before the Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Constitution, Konzelman said 94 clinic workers had contacted Abby Johnson, former head of the family planning group, according to Andree Flix Insider .

An "unplanned" director says the film was shot "for such a time"

"One percent of abortion workers in the United States, after watching them in a movie, have decided to change their lives … and do what they do to make a living," she said. he declared.

The filmmaker of Pure Flix was at Capitol Hill to speak in front of a committee about supposed censorship of "Unplanned" on Twitter. During its opening weekend in late March, the social media platform temporarily suspended the promotional account of the film.

"Unplanned" relates Johnson's eight-year career with Planned Parenthood and his conversion to the pro-life movement after seeing a doctor perform an abortion by ultrasound.

Ashley Bratcher, the actor who plays Johnson in the confessional film, tweeted Thursday that she receives "everyday" messages from people whose lives – and minds – were changed after seeing " Unplanned. "

The film exceeded box office expectations for its opening weekend, raising $ 6.1 million, more than double the expected profit.

Pro-Life's "Unplanned" film hits box office

In an interview with Faithwire at the beginning of the year, Konzelman said that "Unplanned" was created "for such a period," highlighting the series of pro-abortion bills that have been passed by states. in the last few months.

"We could not foresee the rapid developments that were suddenly preparing," he said, "but we serve a God who could and did it."

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