Nebrasketball: More of the same in the loss against Michigan


In Thursday night's game against the Michigan Wolverines, Nebraska needed some wins to hope for a playoff game. It would be a heavy task against the ninth-ranked team in the country.

Well, when the game starts with a ten-two race for the Wolverines, including five from Jon Teske, you get exactly the type of match that was going to be. Tanner Borchardt scored the only point in Nebraska in the first four minutes of play.

The Huskers were able to keep pace a little, with both teams scoring five points in two and a half minutes, while Borchardt again bore the burden of scoring with three points.

Then it was gone for the races with the Wolverines. A 14-4 record would give Michigan a 31-11 lead with just six and a half minutes remaining. At one point during this race, Nebraska dribbled until the shot clock was almost out and scored. Dan Dakich, analyst, "it's like they do not even know what the timer was, and it's like that all year long." If that does not sum up the season, I do not know what's going on. More from Dakich later.

The Huskers had a kick in the ass (genre) and managed to stay with the Wolverines (a little) for the rest of the half, with a score of 43-21 at the break. Amir Harris and Glynn Watson Jr. had the last ten points for Nebraska. No goal at half-time? James Palmer Jr.

If you need a highlight for Nebraska, look for Nana Akenten. He had four points in half, including this dunk.

Akenten would then open the second half with his own personal score of seven to two, which would reduce the lead to just eighteen points. And with Borchardt's next lay-up after a Wolverine free throw, Nebraska was only 47-30.

Three and a half minutes later? The Huskers scored six points. Michigan has scored fifteen, which now have 26 points, 62-36.

Dan Dakich at the microphone evoked an intriguing quote: "There is enough talent in this basketball team. Pretty good coaching in this basketball program to earn more than they have. It's not a training problem, it's a player situation. "

What you think about it or remove what you want, but it's finally at that point that Palmer scored his first points on a three-pointer nine minutes from the end.

Throughout this game, advertisers have rarely spoken of the game, solely because of the seriousness of Nebraska's performance. We talked about John Harbaugh, a lot of "do not make an assault" and even some highlights from the Wofford Terriers.

The advance has increased to 31 points with a minute and a half to go. What happened in the eight minutes that I left out? James Palmer got some courtesy points to help his average (not enough to dethrone Nana as the team's top scorer with 11), Roby showed some reasons why everyone thinks he's the ability to dominate, but too little too late. Finally, from Dakich, we heard the analyst's call that "this game must simply end."

And 90 seconds later, that was the case. And we all thanked God and Tim Miles pulled out another pair of socks from his drawer.

Final: Huskers 53, Michigan 82

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