Neighbors call cops on a drunk man, Maryland police harass and arrest a black man helping man intoxicated

The good action of a Maryland man to help an intoxicated neighbor to return home ended with his arrest in an incident reported by critics who clearly described the case of racial profiling.

Viral video posted on Instagram shows 23-year-old girl Samir Ahmed being arrested by four Montgomery County police officers in response to a call about a drunk man who needed medical help. In the clip, we hear several neighbors in the suburbs of Washington screaming at the police that they have the wrong person, yet an officer insists that Ahmed be the one under the influence.

Good Samaritan arrested
In particular, the police accused Samir Ahmed of having resisted arrest and disorderly conduct. (YouTube video screen capture)

"In reality, he was helping the person under influence," said one man who recorded the November 17 incident. "So why are you holding him back?"

"He lives here! It's our neighbor! "Adds a woman," He is not under the influence. The man was unconscious on the ground, here. Why not help the person who needs help? "

While angry witnesses continue to pressure the officers to explain the reason for Ahmed's arrest, one of the officer's responses, "We do not answer you," and sets up the handcuffed man in the back of the car.

Recalling the events of that day, Ahmed told WUSA 9 that he had arrived home around 11:15 am and found a drunk man fainting near his garden. According to an Instagram post, he took the man and escorted him home. The young man said that he had been greeted by the police on his return home because someone had dialed 911 for the man he had just helped.

"It was a man who was unconscious. He helped the man, "says a man in the video.

It was not until several minutes later, the officers explained why Ahmed had been placed under arrest: "The little that I know now, and I'll find the rest at the station. is that they came here for the fire department call and that man was in the area and the officer smelled marijuana from him. "

Suspicions of marijuana prompted the police to search Ahmed, but law enforcement officers said he refused and gave them a hard time. The young man was subsequently arrested for inter alia, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to WUSA 9.

Ahmed admitted to having a small amount of marijuana on him, for which he received a quote.

"It was such a small amount that I did not even know I had it," he told HuffPost.

Ahmed, who is Black, said he thought things would have behaved very differently if he was white, saying he knew without a doubt "that the race played a determining role in his arrest.

"Because I know that if I were blonde with blue eyes, it would not have mattered," he added.

The first appearance of Ahmed is scheduled for January.

Look more in the video below.

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