Netflix announced a frenzy in the field of cartoons, crowned by the live action Cowboy Bebop

<img src = "×641.jpg" alt = "The original production company Sunrise has attached this image to its announcements regarding the new live-action Cowboy Bebop. But does that mean that the series will look like this? There is no saying at this point. "/>

Enlarge / The original production company, Sunrise, attaches this image to his announcements regarding the new live-action Cowboy Bebop. But does that mean that the series will look like this? There is no saying at this point.


We only have a trailer and a list of writers, directors, producers, and supervisors, but that's enough to make our jazzy anime theme tick. That's right: the Japanese cartoon of the late 90s Cowboy Bebop come back. Like, ah, a series of real action?

Netflix posted the announcement of news Tuesday night, unfortunately, there was nothing like it in the series, because the distribution was not retained. In addition, the revelation video gives up the music, so it's impossible to know if the original composer Yoko Kanno will come back with her incredible black-jazz chops. But the premise of the series – four bounty hunters wandering the galaxy in search of hard hacking – seems to be intact, according to a press release released later.

Netflix, in an apparent attempt to appease anxious "uh live action?" answers, immediately informed the fans that the original director of the animated series Shinichiro Watanabe would participate as a "consultant". The press release also confirmed that the original Japanese production company of the series would share the duties of executive producer, but that the project does not appear to include other original staff, and entrusted the drafting tasks of the first episode to a Westerner, Chris Yost (Thor Ragnarok).

Although this announcement does not include an expected release date (again, no casting!), It is officially beating a project that has long rumors to the punch to which Keanu Reeves has been bound for years. Fans have been quick to remind Netflix that a series of live action on a swagger, an imperfect team of bounty hunters, flew over a wild science fiction universe and staged a superb score of nylon ropes, already followed Cowboy BebopThe series of 26 episodes.


It is a little easier to be excited by the other important announcement of Tuesday's Netflix animation, since it's a known quantity: Neon Genesis Evangelion is come to the service in the spring of 2019. By this we mean the original series of 26 episodes of the television series dating from the mid-90s.

Netflix calls this a "world premiere streaming", and it's good news for anyone struggling to get DVDs or Blu-ray discs from the popular and influential series, which has not seen printing in the West for more than ten years. (If you can not wait for the return of the series via Netflix, Amazon supports you for not less than $ 590, from the time of publication.)

In addition to this, Netflix confirmed that he will welcome the first of the last Ultraman The animated series, which corresponds to the conversion of the last manga reboot of the original television series (phew), was announced in April 2019. This hand-drawn animation fusion and computer graphics was announced at the end of 2017, but Netflix's links with the project became obvious. the week.

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