Netflix Announces New "Arrested Development" Episodes to Begin March 15 – TechCrunch

It's time for another success in the juice box. Netflix announced today that he will publish the last eight episodes of the fifth season of "Arrested Development" on March 5th, ten months after the first half. In the meantime, however, the series has treated many controversies around accusations of abusive behavior by star Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the patriarch of the George Bluth family.

The netflix The series, which began in 2013 with season 4 and marked the return of the series after airing from 2003 to 2006 on Fox, received mixed reviews and failed to achieve the iconic status of the original episodes. The controversy surrounding the actors in the series have also dampened the enthusiasm of some fans, at least for the new seasons.

Tambor will appear in future episodes, although he was fired from Amazon Studios' "Transparent" movie after being accused of sexual harassment by two of his colleagues in the series. Then Jessica Walter, co-star of Tambor's Arrested Development, said she verbally abused her during filming. In an interview with the New York Times to promote the first half of season 5, Walter said she was "now out of trouble", but dumb responses from men, including including Jason Bateman, showed how much the gender dynamics and bad behavior of Tambor could have activated on the set (Bateman is excused later).

Tambor has denied the sexual harassment charges, but a year and a half after the launch of the MeToo Movement, it is likely that he will continue to throw a veil over the latest installment of "Arrested Development." The new season recounts the stories involving Bluth. the involvement of the company in the construction of the border wall and the murder trial of Buster.

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