Netflix builds new sound stations, its head office near the Hudson Valley


If you already thought that many movies were shot in the Hudson Valley, wait until Netflix installs.

Governor Cuomo announced Thursday that Netflix will expand its presence in New York City by building a new, state-of-the-art production center in our area. The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs and generate up to $ 100,000,000 in new investments in the state of New York.

Many employees of the television and film industry already live in the Hudson Valley. But now, we can expect even more jobs that will break in the region thanks to the new Netflix installation. The project includes the construction of six sound trays in Brooklyn, capable of holding thousands of jobs. The hub will also include a nearby office that is expected to create 127 well-performing executive content, marketing and production development jobs over the next five years.

Original Netflix programming, like Orange is the new black, Is already in production in our area for years. With a new headquarters located so close to the Hudson Valley, it is almost certain that other filming will take place in the Mid Hudson area.

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