Netflix may rise prices for existing customers


Earlier this year, streaming giant Netflix announced that new subscribers and existing customers would both see higher prices for their plans. While the new rates came into effect immediately after the announcement for new members, Netflix has now announced that existing subscribers will also experience a slight price increase from May.

The smallest price change will be in the base plan, which will increase by $ 1 per month from $ 7.99 to $ 8.99. Standard and Premium packages will both have a price change of $ 2, to $ 12.99 and $ 15.99 respectively. According to the streaming service, the price increases are due to its efforts to increase the amount of quality original content intended for the public. A Quartz study found that just in 2018, Netflix had generated and added to its inventory nearly 90,000 minutes of original content, or nearly 1,500 hours of original and original content for the enjoyment of customers.

Although some users of the service are naturally frustrated by the price increase, a survey conducted last year by the Wall Street newspaper In fact, over 70% of Netflix subscribers felt that their experience had improved since first joining. It seems that the general sentiment may justify the price surge after all, at least from Netflix's point of view.

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