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Netflix UK accidentally broadcasts "The mobile phone" with an alternative end – Variety

If you have recovered less tissue after releasing "The Notebook" on Netflix UK, you are not alone.

Netflix's British site accidentally aired a different version of the beloved romantic comedy, which has a very different ending from the 2004 film.

The original film of the romantic saga between a young couple ends with (spoiler alert!) Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) dying hand in hand in bed after aging together. The alternative version, broadcast on Netflix UK, instead cut a photo of birds flying over a lake, thus removing the scene showing that the couple is dying. Although the bird shot appears in both versions of "The Notebook", it only shows up when the body of the pair have been discovered during the classic iteration.

Netflix tweeted an explanation Wednesday by writing: "What you should know … – we have not edited the notebook – an alternative version exists and has been provided to us – we are going to the bottom of the question as soon as possible – apparently, some movies have more of an end? ! "

Nicholas Sparks, who wrote the book on which the film is based, also took into account his feelings for the alternative conclusion.

"For me it's a matter of opinion," he told Wednesday's Today Show. "Hey, it's a different end. You will definitely have an opinion about it in one way or another. "

However, with respect to his favorite ending, Sparks' loyalty is based on the classic.

"I love the original movie," Sparks said. "I like the original."

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