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Netflix UK has accidentally downloaded a different version of The Notebook

In recent days, fans of the 2004 love film Notebook burst with anger when they discovered that the movie version on Netflix UK was changing the bitter-sweet end.

Notebook stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, a loving couple who love to spend the summer, before Allie's sad family tears them apart. The film ends up taking a length in advance, revealing that the coaching of an old man reading a story to an old woman is actually – spoilers for a movie of 15 years! – old Noah telling their ally the story of their love. Noah and Allie then crawl side by side in the bed to fall asleep. The next morning, a nurse discovers that the couple has died. Cue the tears. Cue the credits.

The version currently on Netflix UK, however, cuts the game with the nurse. Instead, he goes to Noah's scene and Allie falls asleep …

New Line Cinema via Netflix U.K.

… directly on a stage of birds flying in the trees, which begins with the ending credits:

New Line Cinema via Netflix U.K.

Although Notebook Having received mixed reviews from critics on its first release (today, it accounts for 53% of Rotten Tomatoes' sales), the film has crushed the box office and conquered the hearts of romance fans worldwide. Fifteen years after the initial release, the fan base is still passionate.

To the point that, when people discovered that Netflix UK's end was different, many shouted and accused Netflix of getting involved in the break, although there was no evidence that the streaming service has mingled with movies before.

Earlier in the day, the official Twitter account of Netflix UK dealt with the situation. Netflix did not publish the end, the post read. Instead, another version was provided.

"Apparently, some movies have more of an end ?!", concluded Netflix's account, always sociable.

Netflix could not be immediately contacted to comment on the error, but it is probably a less harmful issue of editing a beloved moment heartbreaker that a distributor sending the wrong version stored in a digital warehouse, as often and often do movies. test alternative ends with audience screenings before going out. In the era of streaming, it is a confusion that seems more plausible as archive archiving and potentially more frequent as Netflix's back catalog becomes unfathomable.

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