Netflix UK has added an alternative end to "The Notebook"


NOTE: This story contains a spoiler describing how "The Notebook" ends as it's a story describing how "The Notebook" ends.

Except if they are cut from the film.

To their surprise, the Netflix streamers in the UK trying to take advantage of the 2004 romantic drama have been subjected to a much more anticlimactic alternative ending.

Instead that the elderly couple dies sleeping in the arms of each other, the movie shows a group of birds flying over a lake.

Naturally, the viewers were unhappy. All they wanted was a good cry.

Even Nicholas Sparks, the author of the novel on which the film is based, said he preferred the original ending.

"I did not know it was going to happen, right?" Sparks said the show "today". "I liked the original movie."

Netflix said the end of the flying birds was not his fault and that a version of the film with an alternative ending was provided to the streaming service.

"Apparently, some movies have more of an end ?!" Netflix tweeted on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Netflix downloaded the "correct" version of the movie, restoring the bittersweet ending we all know and love.

So take out these boxes of tissues – you will need them now.

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