Netflix will not offer programming on the Apple TV service


By Mikey Campbell
Monday, March 18, 2019, at 6:30 pm Eastern Time (9:30 pm, Eastern Time)

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed Monday that his company would not sell subscriptions or offer existing content to its customers through an Apple branded video streaming service, which is expected to be unveiled on March 25 .


Hastings informed the press gathered of the company's plans during a media event at Netflix's offices in Los Angeles, reported recoding.

"Apple is a great company, we want people to watch our shows on our services," said Hastings.

This decision is not surprising given that Netflix has not yet adopted the most recent redesign of Apple's iOS TV app. Currently, the streaming service does not integrate with Apple's content hub, which means that the content is siled compared to the official Netflix application.

While Apple's plans for a competitive streaming service began to materialize last year, Netflix has slowly moved away from the tech giant's ecosystem. In November, for example, Netflix stopped accepting new subscriptions purchased in the app and therefore processed by iTunes. By channeling users outside of the App Store, Netflix is ​​able to avoid the usual strategies of sharing Apple's revenue.

Ted Sarandos, content manager at Netflix, said the decision had been made to abandon subscription fees to the App Store because the platform was not a source revenue, the report said.

It is widely expected that Apple will launch a video streaming product at a special media event next week. A report released earlier in the day says the company could have up to 11 shows ready to be viewed at the media meeting.

While specific details remain to be revealed, it appears that the unannounced service incorporates both original content and options for users to subscribe to other services. Last year's speculation suggested that Apple make its own content available for free via the TV application, where it would also sell subscriptions to third-party services.

The Apple service should not arrive before the end of the year. The unveiling of March 25 will serve both as a teaser for consumers and reassure partner production companies.

AppleInsider will broadcast the event live on March 25 at 10 am Pacific time at 1 pm. Is.

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