Netflix's "Russian doll" renewed for season 2


The black comedy starring co-creator Natasha Lyonne will return with eight episodes.

Russian doll is headed on another loop.

Black comedy star Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland start a second season at Netflix. Following the format of season 1, Russian doll will come back with eight episodes. An exit date has not been announced yet.

Cindy Holland, a native of Lyonne and Netflix vp, revealed the renewal of her second season during their joint appearance at the conference on the code of Recode, Tuesday in Arizona. "Same show, just stranger," said Lyonne. "The character is a coder, so it would be appropriate that it be the moment and the place to say yes, so yes, I would like to do it well. [a second season]. "

Lyonne, who co-created the beloved critics and led an all-female writing and directing team for the first season, starred in each episode with Nadia Vulvokov, a coder who is forced to relive her 36th birthday in a loop nightmare continues to die and come back to life.

The show, which Lyonne initially described as an experimental adventure, is inspired by Orange is the new black autobiography of the star. These truths were then "encompassed in a hallucinating concept" that is revealed as the narrative of the episodes and Nadia deepens her sinuous journey of self-discovery.

"I'm 100% in there and certainly the architect of the whole," said Lyonne The Hollywood Reporter the concept of high premises. "At the same time, the question has become: how can we hide something? This is not a one-woman show, so what would be the most fun way to tell you this story?"

After debuting on February 1 st in advance of Groundhog Day – a fitting nod to a show that sees its protagonist relive the same day, this time on the catchy melody of Harry Nilsson's "Gotta Get Up" – Russian doll has become a popular source of social chatter when Lyonne-centric memes broadcast Twitter and Instagram. Russian doll has received rave reviews leading to its release, although several critics have noted that given the end of the first season, Netflix should let the show live as a limited series. THRDaniel Fienberg described this as "almost total triumph, suggesting to Netflix," There is absolutely no need for a second season of Russian doll. It's good and it's just right. "

But Lyonne, Poehler and Headland have actually launched Russian doll Netflix as a series of three seasons. Speaking to THR Lyonne and Headland announced that the creators all wanted to do more episodes. After the cathartic events of the finals of the first season, it remains to be seen what exactly this second season will look like – and who will be involved on the screen -.

"At first, Nadia was present at all three, but it was not very conventional," Headland said. THR from their initial three-season vision focused on the Lyon character at a certain level. "She was always present because we knew that Lyonne would always be the heart and soul of this show.Whether she was haunted or haunted by the story, she would be there.But we discussed all these things. and more. "

The trio learned a lot after they created Season 1 – including how to make the season's storywriting successful by "narrationing loops" rather than episodes – and when it comes to thinking about the # 1 story. In the future of the series, Lyonne and Headland declared that everything was on the table. .

"I think we have ideas," said Lyonne after the release of the first season. "I really have ideas that go from the real anthology to stay on board with our friend Nadia, and maybe that's just an idea." Certainly, what we presented as the heart and soul of Russian dollI would love to continue working this way. The idea that they could follow us and on this course, if we are to jump off this cliff, is quite fun even to consider the fantasy. "

The first season of Russian doll Charlie Barnett in key role, Rebecca Henderson, Elizabeth Ashley, Brendan Sexton III, Jeremy Bobb and Yul Vazquez, as well as guest players Dascha Polanco and Chloé Sévigny, Lyonne OITNB co-star and close friend, respectively.

While Netflix, like other streamers, does not publish audience data, Russian doll has become an essential gem and is a potential player for the awards season. The first season currently has 96% critical reviews and 87% audience ratings on

Renewal comes the day after a handful of cancellations, including The ranch, One day at a time and Santa Clarita Dietand the banner officially cutting links with Marvel; as well as renewals for Death to me, on my block and Fox-import Lucifer for one last season. Netflix continues to add content at a fast pace after spending up to $ 13 billion in originals in 2018.

News of a second season of Russian doll also arrives as Lyonne prepares to end her seven-season season on the acclaimed prison drama, Jenji Kohan OITNB, which will release its last season on July 26th.

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