Never-before-seen Apex Legends weapon spotted in Season 8 dev feed


Apex Legends has a ton of big changes in Season 8: Mayhem as Respawn has updated several characters with new buffs and nerfs for Wraith, Octane, Mirage, and more.

Respawn has long been ramping up in the new Apex chapter, and it has finally resulted in the new character Fuse with a completed Battle Pass that people can sift through as we move on to next season.

Along with changes to several of the game’s weapons, the developers have also made changes to a good number of characters – eight to be exact – full details of which can be found below.

Apex Legends Season 8 character nerves and buffs


Wraith has been the most successful throughout Apex’s life, but sees some changes to her hitbox in Season 8. Respawn takes inspiration from Pathfinder’s Season 7 tweaks to help balance the character even more. .

Wraith’s hitbox is now slightly larger than before, but it will “stay true to its model.” She will retain the Low Profile passive, most of the changes to the body and leg hitbox dimensions.

Wraith hitbox respawn entertainment apex legends
Respawn Entertainment

Wraith’s hitbox gets slightly larger in Season 8 around the midsection and legs.

“The point is, his win rate has continued to be top notch from day one,” Respawn wrote. “With the Season 7 hitbox adjustments in Pathfinder, we were able to control his potency without harming his kit. We hope to do the same with Wraith. “


From best to worst, Rampart hasn’t performed as well in Apex, according to the developers. The developers will increase Sheila’s range of motion from 120 ° to 180 ° and increase the health of her amplified cover from 1 point of health to 45.

Respawn said they were going to “keep a close eye on this one” as it relates to the reactive power of its wall, but something needs to be done to give Rampart more visibility in the game.


horizon apex legends season 7
Respawn Entertainment

Horizon has been a strong character in Apex Legends, alongside Wraith.

While Wraith has always been the game’s most chosen / winning legend, Horizon made her debut right on top next to her in Season 7.

Respawn sees this as healthy competition, but gives its Gravity Lift a slight nerf that will increase the effective cooldown from 21s to 25s (the 15s cooldown will now begin when the Gravity Lift wears off).

However, the developers don’t want to completely drain the power of Horizon, so they’ll be watching how these changes affect its performance in the game.


The job just got a lot easier for Octane players trying to master the “ super jump ” with the launch pad since Respawn redesigned the mechanics of the Ultimate to include a consistent way to perform the trick. .

  • Hitting the jump mat from a standing position will launch players along a high arc (the speed and trajectory of the old super-jump).
  • From a squat position, players will launch along a low arc, which means they will fly lower but farther in the horizontal direction.

This gives Apex players an easier avenue to get the various jumps, opening up the tactical possibilities for everyone, not just those who have practiced a lot with this character.


apex legends caustic season 8
Respawn Entertainment

Once Caustic’s team goes down, his Nox Gas goes missing.

A quality-of-life change hit Caustic’s Nox gas in Season 8 now that Respawn will remove all residual fumes from the battlefield once he dies: “All gas now dissipates as soon as the team of Caustic is eliminated. “

This means that there will be a new target on Caustic’s back, as it actively prompts teams to take him out first in a fight.


This time around, not much has changed with Crypto, but players can no longer glue Arc Stars to its surveillance drone, canceling the bomb delivery service that people have been slightly abusing since its discovery.


Loba’s passive eye for quality, and by extension his black market shop, can now peek inside unopened care packages. The developers have expanded the High Society Thief’s ability to steal arena loot with the change, allowing it to carry a bit more value for team comps.


mirage apex legends season 8
Respawn Entertainment

Mirage’s Decoys will emit footsteps in Season 8.

Mirage Decoys will officially have traces in Apex Legends. Previously, this change was announced in the Fight Night patch notes, though the studio admitted the notification was sent early and should have been taped for Season 8.

These are the full changes coming in the Apex Legends Season 8 update once the patch officially arrives. Tuesday, February 2 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

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